The Top 5 Golf Sandals That Are Worth Giving A Try

While there are people who love the idea of wearing traditional golf shoes in the golf course, there are others who just don’t fancy the same old boring shoes. If you are tired of your usual golf shoes, why don’t you consider investing on a pair of golf sandals? These are sandals that are designed to be worn specifically on the golf course. But unlike the usual golf shoes that you are accustomed to, these sandals are very stylish and can even be worn during casual outings, paired with just about any kind of outfit.

But are they comfortable? Yes, definitely, they are. So here are the top 5 golf sandals that are worth giving a try.

R J Sports Men’s Golf Sandals

The R J Sports Men’s Golf Sandals is known for both comfort and style, which are two characteristics which golf sandals are known for. These sandals are made of synthetic uppers that are soft on the feet, yet durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear.

This pair also has some Neoprene linings right underneath the straps which add comfort to the wearer. Not only that, they come equipped with Velcro adjustment straps for a snug fit comfort. Furthermore, the contoured foot bed of these sandals is made of a durable rubber outsole and just like with your usual golf shoes, the J Sports Men’s Golf Sandals come with spikes that are non clogging and are made from a soft Durometer TPU that is known for its extreme durability. So if you are looking for the top 5 golf sandals to buy, this pair of golf sandals from RJ sports should be first on your list.

Palm Springs Men’s Golf Sandals

Another pair of golf sandals that is known for the maximum comfort it brings to the wearer is the Palm Springs Men’s Golf Sandals. But other than comfort, this pair of sandals is known for its durability, too. It is made of leather upper and features a lightweight synthetic leather material which is capable of lasting for a really long time.

As mentioned, the sandals are made of a lightweight material so walking on it feels like you are on barefoot. Add to that is the Neoprene lining which makes for a more comfortable fit. It also comes with three Velcro straps that are fully adjustable according to your preferences and these straps are so easy to buckle and unbuckle.

The Palm Springs Men’s Golf Sandals also features a beveled heel which promotes natural stride. It has a wide base as well as a deep heel cup giving the wearer a stable and supportive stride. This pair of sandals is very stylish, too, with a dark brown shade on the exterior and a black rubber sole with black neoprene lining.

So as you can see, the Palm Springs Men’s Golf Sandals has everything that you need for golf footwear – comfort, durability and style, and it is for this reason why it is one of the top 5 golf sandals that are worth giving a try.

Oregon Mudders Men’s MCS200 Golf Sandal

When looking at the Oregon Mudders Men’s Golf Sandal, the first impression is that the sandals are simple yet trendy. This pair of golf sandals features a classic design, yet it is something trendy and will look great on whatever outfit you pair it with.

But aside from being one of the most stylish pairs of golf sandals, the footwear is also known for its comfort. It is made from a breathable leather insole, giving your feet utmost comfort. It also comes with a molded neoprene midsole that’s made of a synthetic rubber material, which is both lightweight and flexible, but is also very durable that it won’t easily give up even when worn on wet grass.

The TPR rubber outsole of the sandals also adds up to its durability. These outsoles come in the form of replaceable inserts that are reinforced with some fabric strands to provide added strength and flexibility. Indeed, the Oregon Mudders Men’s Golf Sandal is one of the top 5 golf sandals that you should check out if you need a pair of sandals that is both comfortable and stylish.

GolfStream Women’s Spiked Sandal

Women golfers would love the kind of golf footwear that is not only attractive, but comfortable as well. The GolfStream Women’s Spiked Sandal is the ideal footwear for female golfers who want to stand out in the course while enjoying a maximum level of comfort. This pair of sandals is made from a durable leather material with rubber outsoles.

The great thing about these sandals is that they are something different. They are not the usual sandals that are in plain boring colors, but their straps are actually made from a silver snake leather upper that is not only comfortable on the feet but are very trendy to look as well.

The spongy foot bed of the sandals gives a comfortable fit on each individual foot while the rubber molded outsole provides stability to the feet. The outsole even comes with replaceable soft spikes so if you feel like the spikes are showing some signs of defects, then you just have to replace them.

So ladies, ditch your usual sandals now and it’s time to check out the GolfStream Women’s Spiked Sandal, one of the top 5 golf sandals especially for women.

Crocs Men’s 14662 XTG Lopro Sandal

Crocs has taken the market by storm when they released their first ever line of footwear around 2004. And all this is because of the comfort that this footwear brings to the wearer. They have this special kind of foam that forms to the wearer’s feet, which is not only comfortable but provides some health benefits as well.

Crocs fanatics who are also fond of golf would be pleased to know that the brand has created a sandal which is ideal for golfers and this is the Crocs Men’s 14662 XTG Lopro Sandal. The sandals come with spikes, which provides stability and protection to the wearer. It is very lightweight, which is expected of it, since most of the Crocs sandals are very light. Yet, the sandals are highly durable as well. When it comes to comfort and durability, this pair is definitely included in the list of the top 5 golf sandals.

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