Top 10 Women’s Golf Shoes For 2014

Golf is a game for everyone – kids, adults, men and women. But when it comes to golf accessories, like golf bags and shoes, it is important that you choose something that is ideal for you. For women, choosing the right accessories to carry with them on the course is easy, given the wide choices that are available in the market now. But just like with shopping for clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories, a lot of women golfers would tend to spend quite a lot of time in researching for the best brand and model. This is especially true for golf shoes, considered as one of the most important accessories that every golfer should have.

For this year, more and more companies are realizing the need to produce a pair of golf shoes that is perfectly designed for women golfers. These shoes do not only come with chic and fashionable designs, but they also come with features that are ideal for every female golfer, whether a professional or a beginner. If you are in the process of shopping for a pair of golf shoes, here is a list of the top 10 women’s golf shoes for 2014.

Ashworth 2014 Lady Cardiff ADC Golf Shoes

Ashworth is a brand that is dedicated to helping golfers of all skill levels to be able to reach their full potential. They do this by providing the most excellent golfing products and accessories, including golf shoes.

The 2014 Lady Cardiff ADC is ideal for women golfers who are looking for a pair of golfing shoes that has a modern design with innovative features. It features a spike-less outsole which results to a more enhanced stability and traction. But aside from the style and features, this pair is also known for the comfort that it brings to every female golfer. Made from rich and extremely soft tumbled leather material, wearing these shoes would make one feel so comfortable.

FootJoy 2014 Lady LoPro Casual Traditional Golf Shoes

FootJoy is a popular brand of golfing accessories and footwear and the company is committed to enhancing your experience on the course by providing high quality and top notch golfing related products and accessories. One of the latest products that they released in the market is the 2014 Lady LoPro Casual Traditional. This pair of footwear features a traditional and classic designed, yet, it comes with highly innovative features that offer ultimate comfort to the wearer.

The Lady LoPro Casual also provide great support and traction. The upper is made of a soft milled and waterproof leather material for a dry, comfortable feel, helping you to be able to focus more on your game.

PUMA Women’s FAAS Lite Mesh Golf Shoe

Puma has been known for creating the best sportswear and accessories in the market. One of the latest products that Puma Golf has recently released in the market is the Women’s FAAS Lite Mesh. The footwear are incredibly lightweight, weighing 6.7 ounces only. With this, you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy maximum comfort while playing your game.

It also features the FAAS Foam plus cushioning system as well as the storm cell construction which offer great comfort and protection to the wearer.  FAAS is actually a footwear collection of Puma that is engineered for great efficiency, giving players a comfortable pair of footwear to wear for their game. It is made with a synthetic microfiber leather material which is waterproof so you’ll feel at ease even when playing on wet grass.

Callaway Women’s Cirrus Golf Shoe

Another new pair of women’s golf footwear from Callaway is the Women’s Cirrus. Just like with most of the golf footwear that Callaway has made, this pair is designed for ultimate comfort and support. Its upper is made of lightweight and synthetic leather material so these shoes are extremely durable. It also features the Callaway Comfort insert, which helps to enhance the cushioning of the shoes so you will feel maximum comfort when walking on the course.

The spikes are made with rubber traction in order to ensure maximum support in the field. Above all, it is made with an EVA and rubber outsole for a more durable performance.

Nike Golf Women’s FI Impact Golf Shoe

Nike needs no introduction. It is a popular brand of sportswear and accessories and their golf related products are gaining huge popularity among golfers, both professionals and beginners. Their latest collection, the FI Impact Golf Shoe for women, is ideal for ladies who are in need of a highly durable pair of footwear that provides them with maximum comfort when playing on the course. The footwear are designed to conform to the natural motion of your feet while providing protection and traction at the same time.

With this, your feet will be able to keep contact with the ground much longer so you will have more control and power in every shot. Like most of the products from Nike, this pair of shoes is made from high quality materials so you can be assured that it will last for a very long time.

Callaway Golf 2014 Solaire SE Ladies Golf Shoes

Female golfers who want a chic and stylish pair of golfing footwear to wear on the course should check out the Solaire SE ladies, which is part of the Callaway 2014 collection of golfing footwear. But aside from the style, you will love this pair of shoes for being so comfortable to wear. The upper is made from an ultra lightweight mesh material that leads to a durable performance on the course.

Like most of the golfing footwear from Callaway, these shoes also come with Callaway’s Comfort insert for an enhanced cushioning. The shoes have rubber spikes as well which ensures maximum grip on the grass. Another great thing about these shoes is that they feature a fully enhanced Engineered Traction System which provides maximum swing performance on the course.

FootJoy FJ SuperLites

Another great product that FootJoy has recently released in the market is the FootJoy FJ SuperLites. This pair of golfing footwear for women is known for its very feminine design. Available in two colors, the neon yellow and neon pink, this pair of shoes will certainly make you stand out in the golf course.

But aside from the chic design, the shoes are also known for the comfortable fit that it gives to the wearer. Its uppers are made of a breathable mesh material that results to a dynamic custom fit. The mesh material enhances the shoes’ breathability and the lightweight EVA material on the underfoot provides proper cushioning to your feet.

Nike Golf Women’s Lunar Duet Golf Shoes

Another excellent performing golf shoes from Nike is the Lunar Duet Classic. This is actually one of the most stylish shoes that Nike has ever made. It’s really good looking that some players would wear the shoes even for casual outings.

The protected canvas on the upper has resulted to the casual look of the shoes. It features the full length Lunarlon cushioning which ensures all day protection and support to the wearer. Furthermore, the shoes come with pressurized map rubber traction for maximum grip and stability. Available in four different color combinations, these shoes also come with two sets of shoelaces for every pair.

PUMA Women’s Monolite Golf Shoes

The Women’s Monolite is among the latest products that Puma Golf has recently released in the market. The shoes are undeniably attractive, especially if you choose the neon yellow, green and white combination. It will make you stand out which is what most stylish female golfers would want.

But aside from the great style and design, the footwear are also known for its lightweight and comfortable package. They also feature the Yoga Mat Sockliner on the midsole, a material that is similar to the yoga mat which results to a sponge like comfort. Wearing the footwear would feel like soaking your feet in a sea of foam which is very comforting to your tired and weary feet.

Ladies Nike Lunar Empress Golf Shoes 2014

Another chic pair for women is the Nike Lunar Empress 2014. This pair of footwear is available in four different colors – Crimson, Green, Violet and White. This pair features the Flywire support, which provides utmost comfort to your feet while locking it down with an adaptive fit.

The dynamic support in the midsole of the footwear also provides you with great stability, helping you to have a smooth stride in the course. Wearing these footwear will certainly help you focus well on your game.

Remember that when it comes to buying a reliable pair of golfing footwear to wear, comfort should be your utmost priority. The footwear should have a nice fit as well so you will not get distracted while playing your game. The footwear above are highly recommended for all women golfers because aside from being stylish, these shoes are so comfortable to wear.

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