Top 10 Golf Clubs For 2014

Golf is a kind of sport that would require the player to focus in order to be able to succeed on his game. And in order for you to be able to focus more on your game, you need to make sure that you have the right golf equipment.

Investing in the best golf club sets is highly recommended if you want to be able to improve your golfing skills. Buying substandard or obsolete clubs can affect your skills and your performance. No matter how good you are and regardless of how focused you are in your game, you could still end up losing if you are not using the best golf clubs.

You do not really need to spend a good amount of money to invest in those expensive golf club sets. This year, some of the leading companies in the golf equipment industry have designed and developed the best quality golf clubs that can help you to win your game.

Although most of these clubs are just an upgraded version of the older models, they come with high tech features that can greatly help in winning your game, whether you are a struggling beginner or a professional athlete. Here is a list of the top 10 golf clubs for 2014.

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Callaway is a popular brand in the world of golf. The company designs, manufactures and sells golfing equipment, golf bags, golf shoes, and golfing accessories, including golf clubs. The Apex Pro Irons is one of the clubs that you should watch out for this 2014. The head features a 2 piece forged construction which is made out of a Carpenter 455 face plate, an undercut cavity as well as a body that is made of a 1020 carbon steel material which produces an oversized unsupported face area. This results in a fully enhanced ball speed.

A lot of golfers love the fact that the golf club could cut through the turf very effectively and that it is made of tungsten plugs right in the sole of the long irons which produces a low center of gravity as well as a lightweight steel shaft.

Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged irons, 4-PW, GW Steel Shafts

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company that is known to produce excellent quality sportswear and equipment. They sell golf clubs as well and the latest model of their clubs is the JPX-EZ Forged iron.

The JPX-EZ features a deep undercut cavity and has a reinforced top line as well as a frame around the perimeter of its cavity. The irons are selectively shaped and thickened in accordance to Mizuno’s innovative use of the modal analysis. The club is especially designed to control vibrations, which results to an improved functionality.

The JPX-EZ Forged iron is also very stylish. It has a classic design that comes with a gray finish which perfectly hides the size of the head.

Nike VRS Covert Forged Iron Set

You can expect great quality when it comes to the Nike brand of sportswear and accessories. This year, the company released one of their latest models of golf clubs, the Nike VRS Covert Forged Iron Set. The Nike VRS features a 1020 body that is made of carbon steel material, with a face that is made from a durable SAE 8655 steel material which allows the top and the bottom of the face to be made thin.  The VRS features the X3X 27 groove pattern which gives more volume as compared to the previous X3X. What customers love about the product is that the top line as well as the toe, flows together nicely.

Ping G25 Driver 9.5

Ping is a family owned company that has been established in 1959 by Karsten Solheim. Solheim started by designing a putter that creates a pinging sound when it hits the golf ball and this is where the name of the brand came from. This club is one that you need in your golf bag.

The clubs are truly innovative and are made of excellent quality materials. The latest model of Ping golf club is the G25 Driver 9.5. It features a 17-4 stainless cub head with progressive sole widths which help to optimize the CG location to achieve better distance gapping in between irons. The customized tuning port for this club has been positioned directly in line with the impact area in order to save weight while increasing MOI at the same time.

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

The SpeedBlade is another popular golfing club set from TaylorMade, the leading brand of golfing equipment and accessories. Its Speed Pocket feature allows golfers to change the way they approach shots, while helping them to hit more on the greens and as a result, shoot lower scores.

The SpeedBlade is different from your usual club when it comes to speed, spin, launch, feel, sound and look. The irons are visually striking, featuring a 2-tone satin and nickel chrome plating as well as dark smoke satin ion plating. According to research, 72 percent of shots made by 5 to 25 handicappers are impacted right below the center of the face and this typically results to low launching shots with inconsistent distance. The SpeedBlade Irons helps golfers to be able to launch low impact shots in a consistently higher pace, with longer carrying and softer landing flight.

Titleist Men’s AP1 714 Golf Irons

Another golf iron that is worth checking out this year is the Men’s AP1 714 Golf Irons from Titleist. The iron features a deep undercut dual activity, larger than the previous AP1 712. It also has a tungsten weight right in the toe area which helps to counterbalance the weight of the hosel.

The lofts of the AP1 714 are one degree stronger on the short irons, while the tungsten has been taken out in order to help increase the CG which results to a more penetrating flight. The research and development team of Titleist has utilized a highly innovative tungsten manufacturing and weighing technologies when creating the Men’s AP1 714, making them to become the most forgiving irons in the game where the head sizes and blade lengths are usually favored by professional golfers.

Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver

Cobra Golf is one of the leading manufacturers of clubs and golfing equipment. They are committed to offering superior quality and high performance golfing products for avid golfers, including beginners and professionals.

One of the latest products that they have released in the market is the Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver. These clubs feature four pockets right at the back of the cavity, which the company refers as the “cells”, thus, the name. These long irons make use of tungsten both in the toe and heel pockets which lead to better results on miss hits. The eight-iron through pitching wedge use the club in the center pockets for a much better control and feel.

Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Steel Iron Set

Another highly recommended golf club set from Mizuno is the Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Steel Iron Set. Known for its variable thickness face, this club produces a much higher ball speed while the triple cut sole design helps to provide assistance from various lies.

Mizuno indeed has the ability to come up with excellent quality game improvement irons that can help you to feel like you are a pro even if you are still a beginner. This Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Steel Iron Set is also one of those good looking clubs that you’ll find in the market today.

Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Drivers

The Men’s X2 Hot Drivers from Callaway features a large undercut channel which allows the sole and the face to appear thinner than the previous models of X Hot Drivers from Callaway. It comes with a stabilizing arch which moves the hot spot towards the face lower and in line with the impact location on most of the iron shots.

The X2 is basically an upgraded version of the X Hot. It is a newer approach to the iron design that Callaway is known for, where the game improvement features are being hidden in a more pleasing shape.

Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Set 3-PW

There are three different types of irons that come in this set of the Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Set 3-PW. First is the hybrid like long irons, next are the hollow middle irons and third are the short irons that come with a middle cavity.

The training edge bevel of the golf club allows for a much wider sole which produces lower CG without the need to sacrifice the turf interaction. The MP-H4 is Mizuno’s way of advancing their iron sets. The set is greatly devised to give golfers all the assistance that they need on the course. Only a few clubs receive golf medals for two years in a row and the Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Set 3-PW is one of them.

So if you are still new in the world of golf and you can’t seem to decide which golf club set to invest in, you simply refer to the list above and you’ll be good.

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