Top 10 Golf Carts For 2014

They say that golf is a game of luxury and style. So it’s not surprising to know that most of the golfing equipment and accessories come with a price. It is for this reason why several golfers would prefer to buy their own equipment instead of paying for hefty renting fees. Among the most important equipment in the game of golf is the golf cart. Whether you are a professional or an amateur golfer, having your own cart can greatly benefit you in a lot of ways.

This year, there have been lots of newer models released into the market. It is best to do your research well before you decide to invest on any brand or model. The best approach is to visit the official website of a local supplier to gather as much information as you can. This can help you to determine the type of cart that you need on the course and the most appropriate model that suits you best.

Of course, you have to consider the size of your garage as well. Keep in mind that although golf carts may look similar, they are available in different sizes so choose the one that will fit in your garage well. To help you in deciding which golf cart to buy, here is a list of the top 10 golf carts for 2014.

2014 Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart

The Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart is among the latest models to have been released in the market this year. It has the largest and the most comfortable seats and the cart is powered by a 1.4 horsepower four stroke gas engine.  It features the new HybriCore Chassis from Yamaha which is 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger. The 2014 Yamaha Drive comes equipped with the ClimaGuard sun top that has dual glitters and the cart has the innovative EnduraDrive Transaxle system that comes with the internal disc brake technology.

What’s great about this new model from Yamaha is that it requires no maintenance. The cart is smart looking and you can choose from seven different colors, the glacier white, emerald green, garnet red, sandstone, tanzanite blue, moonstone and onyx.

2014 E-Z-GO Express S4

The 2014 E-Z-GO Express S4 golf cart can accommodate up to four people. It comes with a rear seat that can be converted to become a spacious cargo deck capable of accommodating a number of golf bags, golf shoes, golf balls, along with other equipment and other golfing necessities. It has plenty of payload capacity with ground clearance and power making it an ideal model for work and recreation.

The 2014 E-Z-GO comes with various accessories, such as a welded steel infused with DuraShield Coating, leaf springs with hydraulic shocks on the front and rear suspension, a rear wheel mechanical drum for service brake, and more. It is also available in different colors, such as the forest green, orange, ivory, bright white, frame red and black.

Ever since its release of their first ever Speed Cart in 1999, Sun Mountain has continuously refined and improved their three wheel golf push cart. Just recently, they have released their latest offering, the 2014 V1 Sport Speed Cart which is equipped with advanced features, a truly upgraded version of the previous models of Sun Mountain golf carts.

Among these features are the pin activated braking system which replaces the old version of caliper brakes, newly enhanced mag wheels instead of the usual spoked wheels, as well as a quick release E-Z Latch System for an easier folding and unfolding. This 2014 collection of the V1 Sport Speed Cart from Sun Mountain is available in seven different color combinations.

Club Car Precedent i2 Golf Cart

The Precedent i2 Golf Cart from Club Car is the latest in the Precedent series of golf carts, manufactured by Club Car, one of the leading companies in the golf cart industry. The Precedent Series is a long running success which earned Club Car various industry accolades and inspired several other companies within the industry.

The Precedent i2 is known for its great styling and exceptional performance. In fact, some professional golfers would refer to this model as the most advanced golf cart ever built. The Preceden i2 features a 360-degree wrap around bumper as well as spacious ergonomic seats. Each and every detail of the cart was designed and created with the wellbeing of the golfer in mind making it to become the safest and the most comfortable cart to use on the greens.

2014 Yamaha Drive Electric Golf Cart

The electric version of the 2014 Yamaha Drive golf cart is also gaining huge popularity in the market. The cart features a 48 volt high efficiency motor with built in automatic regulated charger. Like the gas version of the Yamaha Drive, this model has the largest and the most comfortable seat. Other features include a Yamaha made Solid State microprocessor for controlling the motor, six Trojan Volt batteries, newly improved HybriCore chassis which is 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger, and an EnduraDrive Transaxle with internal disc brake.

The 2014 Yamaha Drive Electric also includes a ClimaGuard Sun top equipped with dual gutters. It also has the same color choices as the gas version of the Yamaha Drive and its batteries come with a four year warranty.

2014 Cushman Hauler 1200x

The 2014 Cushman Hauler 1200x is another model that has gained popularity in the industry. The cart is capable of handling even the most demanding work. Boasting a 1200 pound capacity with a 13 HP Kawasaki engine, this model is perhaps the most powerful cart in the market now.

This powerful utility vehicle is ideal for hilly courses. It offers ultimate durability and can be custom built based on the Cushman options and accessories, which caters to the unique individual needs of every golfer. The 2014 Cushman Hauler has a speed of 12.5 – 13.5 mph and it weighs 860 pounds without the batteries. The total load capacity is 1,200 pounds, including the passenger, operator, accessories, and cargos.

E-Z-GO Shuttle 2+2 RXV

The E-Z-GO Shuttle 2+2 RXV has a peak power of 13.5 horsepower, and is more than a hundred percent more than your average golf cart, making it to become one of the most powerful four passenger models. The overall weight is at 790 pounds and is a bit heavier than your usual gas powered unit. It can accommodate up to four passengers, golf clubs, and the cart is equipped with cup holders and headlights.

Club Car Precedent i2 Villager 4 Signature

The Precedent i2 Villager 4 Signature golf cart from Club Car is another proeuct that is worth checking out. The cart can comfortably accommodate as much as four passengers.

Just like with the rest of the golf carts in the Precedent series, the Precedent i2 Villager comes with the most advanced features, making it one of the most successful golf cart series in the industry. The i2 Signature edition has a much wider selection of colors and you will also be given a choice of stylish accent stripes, carbon fiber dash or burlwood, as well as a specialized hinged windshield.

The Villager 4 is also equipped with the 360 degree wrap around bumper with ergonomic seats, making it the safest and the most comfortable model to use on the course. Each and every detail of the Villager 4 was created with the golfer in mind and it’s the perfect model for those who are looking for a stylish cart that will make them to stand out on the greens.

Yamaha Drive PTV Gas Golf Cart

The Yamaha DRIVE PTV is another model from Yamaha that is worth checking out for those who are looking for a fully functional and highly reliable product. The cart has a peak power of 11.4 horsepower, about the same as the usual gas transportation vehicle. The maximum speed is at 15 mph and has a total dry weight of 608 pounds. The Yamaha Drive PTV has a two passenger seating capacity and features a 4 X 2 drive system.

Cushman Shuttle 6 Gas Golf Cart

If you are in need of a much bigger model, capable of carrying up to six passengers, then the Cushman Shuttle 6 Gas Golf Cart would be a great choice. It has a peak power of 13 horsepower, which is 13% more than your average vehicle.

The speed is up to a maximum of 16 mph and is about the same as the other competing models. It has a dry weight of 896 pounds which makes it about 9% heavier than a usual 6 passenger golf cart. The drive system is 4 by 2 and it comes with cup holders, rearview mirrors as well as headlights.

Now that you know the latest golf cart models and brands in the market, looking for the best golf cart to invest in should no longer be a challenge.

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