Top 10 Golf Bags For 2014

If you want to be able to enjoy golf to the fullest, then you should make sure that you have the right equipment and accessories. A golf bag is one of the golfing accessories that every player should have. Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, you have to make sure that you have a reliable golf bag to carry with you on the course. The bag is important since it will transport all your golfing essentials and accessories, such as golf clubs, golf balls, etc.

A lot of players would prefer to use a stylish golf bag. But style is not the only factor that one should consider. It should be durable and functional as well. Thankfully, most of the golf bags that were released this 2014 are not only stylish, but they are also durable and fully functional.

Aside from being made from extremely durable materials, these bags are also capable of carrying all of your golfing equipment with care so you will be able to enjoy your game to the fullest. Here are the top 10 golf bags for 2014.

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 3.0 Stand Bag

In the past years, Callaway has already been known to produce the best golf bags in the market. For this new model that they released this year, extra traction has been added right at the base part as well as on the foot pads in order to ensure that it will not slide off. With this feature, you will surely be able to focus more on your game since you will feel at ease knowing that your equipent will remain safe and secure. The Hyper-Lite 3.0 weighs 4.7 pounds only so it belongs to the lightweight category of golfing bags and this means that you will not have a hard time in transporting this golf stand bag on your own.

Datrek Lite Rider Golf Bag

Datrek is a brand that is known for producing highly innovative and stylish golf bags. Their Lite Rider golf bag has gained popularity in the market for being ultra-lightweight and functional, capable of carrying all of your golfing necessities.

The Lite Rider from Datrek is also lightweight and functional. Speaking of functionality, this new model has an oversized cooler pocket that is insulated.  Therefore, you can carry a much bigger water bottle to keep you hydrated all day long on the course.

The Lite Rider also offers total organization for all of your golfing accessories, especially the clubs. Another great thing about the Lite Rider is that it comes with a rubber bottom which provides more stability.

Ogio Golf Gotham Stand Bag

If you want an innovative golfing bag with great styling, the Ogio brand is a great choice. As expected, their latest product, the 2014 Ogio Golf Gotham Stand Bag, is both innovative and stylish. The Gotham allows you to be able to open the pockets using just one hand. The reason is because the zippers are set at an angle for easy access.

The Gotham is also ideal for those who want a stylish golf bag to carry.  Available in plain matte black color, this model will certainly make you to stand out. It features a 15 way top and a putter pit to accommodate oversize grip. It has six exterior zippered pockets that are set at an angle and another six pockets inside.

Ping Hoofer 14 Way Carry/Stand Bag

Another golfing bag that has been making a buzz in the market for this year is the Ping Hoofer 14 Way Carry and Stand Bag. The rain hood of this bag is stored and attached right below the hip pad in order to provide extra cushioning. Thus, carrying the Ping Hoofer 14 Way is definitely comforting.

The Ping Hoofer 14 Way comes with 8 pockets for storing all your necessities, 6 full length dividers to organize your clubs and weighs about 5.5 pounds, so it’s not that heavy to carry around. It functions both as a carry bag and a stand bag and comes with easy grip handles on top and at the bottom for trouble-free handling.

2014 Sun Mountain Golf H2NO Ultra-Lite Waterproof Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Sports is a company that designs highly innovative golf bags, golf carts, golf apparel and other golfing accessories. This 2014, the company released their latest model, the 2014 Sun Mountain Golf H2NO Ultra-Lite Waterproof Stand Bag.

Like the previous models, the H2NO Ultra-Lite Waterproof is fully equipped with all the accessories that you would need. But what’s really great about this model is that it features a seamlessly integrated base handle, cart strap, as well as umbrella holder. With this seamless integration, they’re hardly noticeable. From the name itself, this bag is extremely light and because it is waterproof, this is the perfect bag to carry on the course during the rainy season.

TaylorMade Micro Lite 3.0 Stand Bag

TaylorMade has already earned a reputation for producing some of the best golf bags in the market. This year, they have proven once again that they are indeed capable of producing excellent golf bags by releasing the Micro Lite 3.0 Stand Bag.

Weighing 5.6 pounds, the top portion of this model features a square opening instead of the usual round. With this feature, it will be much easier for you to get your clubs in and out of the bag. Just like with the previous golf bags that TaylorMade has released in the market, this new model is made from highly durable materials so you can be sure that it will last longer.

Titleist 2014 Ultra Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Titleist is a company that is committed to providing the best golfing products in the market and their golf bags will definitely not disappoint you. Their latest model, which is the 2014 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag, features a shoulder strap on the right which slides in a circular pad right at the back and therefore, it will be easier to slip the bag on and off your shoulder.

The 2014 Ultra Lightweight weighs 5.5 pounds only, yet it has all of the features of a much bigger golf stand bag. It comes with a full apparel pocket, ball pockets and beverage sleeve. It also features a double strap system as well as a broad foot stand mechanism, making it the perfect model to carry with you on the course.

Wilson Staff Nexus Carry Golf Bag

Another durable and fully functional golfing bag that was recently released in the market this year is the Staff Nexus Carry Golf Bag from Wilson. As you might know, Wilson is known for producing some of the best sports accessories in the market. This new model is a testament that the company is also good at producing highly innovative bags.

The legs of the Staff Nexus are pushed out and therefore, the base will stay flat on the ground even if you play on hilly courses. Furthermore, the model features the brand’s newly designed 360 degree full integrated mechanism, wherein the aluminum frame of the bag connects the top, spine, stand and the base part in order for them to work interdependently.

Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag

Another great golf bag that Callaway has released in the market this 2014 is the Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag. Weighing 6.4 pounds, this golf cart bag comes with a total of 13 pockets, which are more than enough to store everything that you need on the course.

The pockets on both sides of the Org 15 were set on a stacked pattern, from the smallest on top down to the biggest at the bottom. This means that you will be able to fully organize all of your golfing essentials and other accessories. Just like with the other models of Callaway golf bags, this model is made of durable materials.

2014 Mizuno AeroLite SPR II Golf Stand Bag

The 2014 AeroLite SPR II Golf Stand Bag from Mizuno is another bag that you should check out. This model is certainly a true hybrid for it is made for walking and for riding in the cart as well. The straps slide together into another strap that’s anchored on the bag. This results to a natural and well adjusting balance point, making it a great model to carry around when walking on the greens.

For those who prefer to ride in the golfing cart, the AeroLite SPR II is also a great choice. It features a 14 way divider on top and is attached with a cart cuff so you can easily fasten it on the cart.

As you can see, most of the golf bags that were released in the market this 2014 come with highly improved features which make everything easier for any golfer. It might be a bit hard for you to decide, given the wide choices available for you. But whatever your choice is, make sure that this golf bag is not only durable and stylish, but it should be functional as well.

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