Tips to Developing Great Hands and Better Your Golf Swing

It appears to be as if numerous golfers are ignorant of the significance the hands play in executing the golf swing. Clearly, we realize that the golf club is held by the hands and by extension has the body connected to the club. However, what is their significance during the swing?

The result is something to do with how the club is released. Let’s jump back and get some information about biomechanics review. During the process of swinging, all way from the address position to the follow through, the hands are usually in the active in a passive fashion.

Let me clarify things. The objective of the golf swing is to move the club on the right swing plane to cause the desired golf shot that you need. This happens through the body’s going through a progression of positions. These positions are found inside of the distinctive golf swing phases.

These phases related to the swing include: the addressing, taking away, the beckswing, the transitioning, the downswing, and finally impact then follow-through. Amid these developments being performed by the body, your golf club is moving on a swing plane. The swing plane refers to the path that the golf club will have to follow. To make a proper impact with the golf ball, it requires that the golf club travel upon the proper swing plane.

For the club to go on the right swing plane, it is critical that the clubface open and close. As a rule, in golf terms the opening and closing, of the clubface is labeled “releasing of the club.” This is the place the hands turn into a crucial part of the golf swing.

If you ever converse with any instructor, they will say that any great player has “great hands.” This assertion alludes exactly to what has been said above (the proper releasing of the golf club). It’s undeniable if you look at great players such as Tiger, Vijay, or Phil.

I even recall when I was with a top 5 teaching instructor. “Hands” was one point he kept on coming back to as far as talking about the golf swing. He expressed more than once how any PGA Tour player has incredible hands. This also gives extra backing to how critical the hands are as far as the golf swing.

Be that as it may, what does this all mean? Indeed, we know the hands are critical in the “opening and closing” of the clubface amid your swing. This movement allows the correct method of releasing the club. As I said, the hands are “active in your golf swing, however in a passive way.”

Once more, to open and close the clubface amid the golf swing the hands move back during the backswing, pivot at the highest point of the backswing, release the club to cause an impact, and release the club a while later. The hands must be passive for this to happen correctly!

What do I mean by the term passive?

You can’t drive the hands to travel through the golf swing and release the club. This heightens pressure in the golf swing, influences rhythm, and, in general, brings about poor shots. If you don’t trust me, go to the driving range, hold a club as hard as possible, and try to swing. The outcomes will be a great deal, not the best.

I think Dean Reinmuth who is ranked as a top-30 teaching pro, puts it perfect when explaining about the hands in the golf swing. He argues “feel” as a basic piece of the golf swing. He expresses that so as to have an effective golf swing you must be ” tension free.”

“Feeling” the club proceed onward the swing plane is a marker of being “tension free.” And for this feeling to happen, one must be free from tension (i.e. passive).

How do you develop great hands in your golf swing?

Easier said than done. So as to create “feel” in the golf swing, eliminate “tension” from your golf swing and create great hands, you must grow three essentials.

Key number one is a comprehension of the golf swing. So as to realize what the body and golf club are to do amid the swing you must know the biomechanics of the golf swing. In case you don’t, how are you going to know what the hands and the body are going to do in each golf swing phase?

Furthermore, you must have the mechanics of the golf swing developed. Your mind and body must coordinate the developments of the golf swing into a repeatable development. This happens through good instruction and routine of the right golf swing mechanics.

Finally, it is important to build up the body. Yes, the body! Your body must be flexible, strong, endurance to correctly perform the golf swing. If you body is neither of those, how do you expect to perform the golf swing accurately?

The definite answer is: you are not! The process of developing great hands for a proper golf swing summarizes to a ‘basket’ of essentials to be observed within your golf swing. Comprehend the biomechanics of the golf swing, build up the best possible mechanics within your golf swing, and build a body to sustain a good swing. These are the essentials to creating great hands in your golf game.

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