Some Tips For Beginners Concerning Ball Position

In golf, the position of the ball is one of the most important aspects of the game. The proper positioning of the ball before you hit it will determine how you will progress in the game, and it is a subtle aspect that must be mastered. Many improper and bad shots are the results of a bad positioning of the ball, and it is something that is not always immediately realized. The position of the ball has a lot to do with the player’s stance. Learning how to do this will cause the player to make better and more accurate shots.

Initial Position of The Ball

First, some guidelines for the placement of the ball. There exists a very narrow range for this that is suitable. This is an area that lies between just to the left of your left shoulder and to the right of your nose. In the beginning, this is more of making the exercise a precise one, but as you gain more experience, it will be more natural for you just to do this.

Be Sure To Adapt to the Same Position

This phase is a vital trick that very few people will tell you about. This practice is a very effective way to keep control of your swing over the long haul. Regardless of what club you are using, be sure to keep the ball in the same spot always. The question then comes up as to how to adjust to the club width, and the answer is always to adjust the width of your stance. By changing the width of your stance and a ball position that is the same will always give you good control over your swing.

club head facing golf ball proper positionIs It A Strike in the Upward Mode? No, Not at All!

This factor should be kept in the forefront of your thinking. People commonly feel that a strike on the ball from the vertical will help the ball to go airborne and thus you will get a greater distance. While it is true that you need a big trajectory on your swing, but what you need is a downward swing that gives the ball much more spin. This should be remembered, as it is a very effective formula.

The Driver

The driver is the longest club that you have in your bag, so how do you handle this? This will require that you play the game from the inside of the front foot which gives the ball a trajectory that is greater and takes the ball farther as opposed to just emphasizing a downward stroke. As each club changes, move the ball further about a half inch with every club length increase.

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