What Are The Tiger Woods Golf Shoes?

Golfers and non-golfers alike are aware that Tiger Woods is by far, the most popular player when it comes to the game of golf. But do you know that the type of shoes that Tiger Woods wears plays an important part in his game? Thus, if you want to also excel in your game, then you should consider wearing some of the Tiger Woods golf shoes.

Others thought that winning in golf will pretty much depend on the manner that you swing your golf club. This could be true in some instances, but one factor that contributes to the golfer’s ability to win the game is actually the kind of shoes that he or she wears. This is also true for Tiger Woods.

So here’s a list of the shoes that Tiger Woods is known to wear while playing his game.

Nike Free Inspired TW ‘13

The latest pair on the Tiger Woods golf shoes collection is Nike’s free inspired TW ’13, with “TW” being the initials of the famous golfer. This pair of golf shoe is a bit lighter and is more flexible, thus, it is very comfortable to wear on the course. The shoe allows the player to transmit energy in a more efficient way every time he does a swing, making him to excel in his game.

As early as now, Nike is already planning to come up with the TW ’14 model for next year and this pair of golfing shoe will have much improved ventilation on the upper sole as well as an increased stability.

Nike TW 13

Nike Free Tiger Woods Prototype Golf Shoes

Tiger Woods is rumored to wear the new Nike Free TW Prototype during his comeback, in the upcoming WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. This pair of Tiger Woods golf shoes is said to feature Nike’s natural motion free technology and integrates the innovative “Flywire” technology of Nike, which is a polyurethane coated fabric that is often used in the construction of the basketball footwear that this famous brand makes.

Furthermore, the Nike Free TW Prototype also feature a heel that is created from recycled Nike Air Max units.

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes

Nike Zoom TW Tiger Woods Golf Shoes

Another popular pair of Tiger Woods golf shoes is the Nike Zoom TW which the famous golfer wore during one of his matches. This pair of footwear is known for its aesthetic looks, thus, it is perfect to wear even during casual outings.

The Nike Tiger Woods Golf Shoes are designed to help golfers of all skills to play at their best while on the course. This pair of footwear from Nike is made of a full grain leather material, designed for maximum comfort and cushioning.

The footwear look really stylish and feature some perforated air holes on the outer area as well as a combination of soft padding on the ankle and a Nike Zoom heel made for the purpose of impact absorption.

Tiger Woods Shoes

Do You Need These Golf Shoes By Tiger?

Discount Tiger Woods Golf ShoesSo these are some of the most popular Tiger Woods golf shoes that you might want to give a try. All these shoes can be bought at any of the sporting goods store near you, or better yet, check out the World Wide Web to get your hands on this golf footwear. Who knows, maybe you might hit the ball as good as Tiger Woods in them.

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