Show Your Passion with the Nike Golf Men’s Nike Air Range WP II Golf Shoe

When it comes to producing shoes, Nike is known for being passionate and it shows in the Men’s Air Range WP II. For this specific model, the brand shows its passion for being a trailblazer as it visualizes that this pair is going to be the one that ushers the sport to its future. The pair boasts of revolutionary modernizations that haven’t been seen yet in golfing footwear. This is why if you’re really passionate about the sport and you’re committed to becoming better, you should at least check out the Nike Men’s Air Range.

Ergonomic Design

Of course, this company hasn’t forgotten the importance of ergonomics in its quest to offer innovations. This is why it’s good to know that this pair features an ergonomic design that moves with you while you’re out there on the links. No movement will feel weird as you walk and swing your way to 18 holes of golf. This is very important so you can focus more on your game.

This ergonomic design also promotes good balance, proper transfer of weight and release of power which are all important in the game, especially when swinging.

Materials Used

The Air Range offers a good mix of materials. You’ll notice that there’s more mesh than the usual golfing shoe. The mesh is complemented well by synthetic leather. This combination allows three important things – waterproofing, comfort, and breathability.

Noteworthy Features

Sure, it looks good and all, but can it help you improve your game on the course? Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Lug patterns

The lugs are patterned in such a way that it allows the shoe to grip the ground which will result to good traction. However, even with this grip, the shoe still allows you to walk comfortably.

  • Phylon midsole

The Nike WP II Air Range also has a Phylon midsole that runs through the full length of the shoe. This helps provide comfort and cushion.

  • Phylite outsole

Phylite is a very durable and lightweight material. This helps provide support and cushion.

  • TPU Nike Power Platform outsole

This feature adds more comfort and stability to the pair.

Judging from these features, it’s quite obvious that Nike focused more on providing more comfort and stability. As a golfer, you know how important these things are.

What Other People are Saying

While the WP II Air Range is more expensive, most people are saying that it’s well worth the price. A lot of them commented that the pair looks good. They also added that the traction is amazing. In addition, most people commented how comfortable this pair is.

The fit is also amazing according to them. While some people commented that it’s a little tight, some people advised that it’s just a matter of re-lacing the Air Range WP II because they’re laced a little tight at the factory.


If you have the money for it, you can’t go wrong with this pair. The comfort alone should be more than enough to convince you.


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