PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe Review

As of today, one of the world’s top sports brand names is PUMA. The company is well-known for their unique and efficient ways of developing, designing, marketing and selling of sports footwear, accessories and apparel. The PUMA brand is providing such products with great designs for the fastest athletes on the globe. Their shoe products are best made for some sports field like Training and Fitness, Running, Motorsport, Soccer and Golf.

One of their current products is the PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe. It is popularly known to be one of the ultimate Street Golf footwear. The shoe’s spikeless sole provide the user with smooth transitions in every move that they are going to take as they play the game, without sacrificing its performance and styling.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

The PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golfing Shoe, as suggested by its name, is made for the athletes that are playing golf. The shoe provides them with great ease and outstanding performance all through the sports field. But the availability of the shoes is not only limited to the golf players, as they are also being offered for other athletes and for everyone who wants to try and feel the great benefits of the shoes.

Product Description

PUMA is one of the professional and well-trusted sports brand for it is commitment to produce products that are created in accordance with the people’s lifestyle, fashion and sports. The PUMA brand provides its customers with outstanding sport-lifestyle shoes, accessories and apparel. They are making these things possible by the use of technical advancement and ground-breaking designs.

The creation of the PUMA PG Clyde Golfing Shoe was inspired by the basketball star Walt “Clyde” Frazier. These PUMA shoes are functional and stylish having eco-friendly spikes, waterproof upper part, flexibility and best possible cushioning. They are also equipped with supple imitation refined leather higher spikes for an environment-friendly and handy footing. The shoes are also constructed with a decoupled heel that flex grooves to keep efficient shock absorption and a smooth transition from the heel to toe. The materials used are assured to provide you with the best waterproof characteristic and durability for about a year. Your feet will also feel comfortable at all times with the cushioning. The rubber outsole of the Golfing shoe is also created with high resistance from abrasions. For the perfect hold on the feet and optimized stability, the athletic shoes are also built with more circular shaped bottom. The lace closure of the PG Clyde Golfing Shoe also provides your foot with a homely fit. It has the necessary PUMA Formstrip throughout its medial and lateral sides. The original shoes have the PUMA logo on their tongues and PUMA Cat logo on the shoe heels.

Product Features

  • This Shoe is made of leather.
  • It possesses a rubber sole.
  • The shoe also has the ability to keep up a dry comfort for your foot all day long since it has a synthetic upper that is waterproof.
  • The forefoot softening or cushioning is also well developed using the EverFoam technology advancement.
  • The construction of the decoupled heel also gives the athlete a chance of smooth weight transition.
  • In any weather kind, the shoe assures you to give maximum protection since it was equipped with the Storm Cell advancement.
  • The shoe cushioning is lightweight because of the EverTracke Rubber outer sole.
  • It provides the user with versatility and optimum grip.
  • PUMA golf shoes can also be purchased with a one-year warranty.


The PUMA Mens PG Clyde Golfing Shoe fits anyone’s foot like how the normal sneakers do. They are also comfortable to wear. The shoe brand also possesses a silky appearance for it was made with the combination of the casual and classy phase.


The grip of the PUMA shoes is great, but this not achieved during the wet season.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Out of 22 customers who reviewed this product, 15 of them gave a perfect 5 star rating with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Some of the customers have said that the PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoes are working very good at everyday and even at their workplaces. Some have also stated that the shoes are undeniably comfortable and fit great. The others have mentioned that they love the looks of the shoes, but it is a little narrow in the toes part.


It is favorable for everyone to evaluate and gain the best type of shoe that they will use in their everyday life. The PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe gives you the best fit, great comfort and advanced benefits that you will indisputably enjoy and be proud of.

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