PUMA Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe: A Pair with Amazing Traction

Golf shoes don’t have to have bulky spikes to prevent slips. Men’s Faas Grip from PUMA is one of the great looking golfing shoes that do not have replaceable spikes but will keep you from slipping on dry and wet grass.

Because of the small nodes that act as the mini spikes, you will never have to worry about slipping when swinging or walking around the course. This is a great advantage since golfing shoes with spikes attract dirt very quickly, which is a pain whenever you have to clean them.

Why Choose PUMA Faas Grip Shoe

If you are wondering what a spikeless golf shoe can do, try these shoes out. You will instantly realize how comfy these are, on and off the course, which makes them ideal for everyday wear.

Here are some of the advantages and features that the Faas Grip offers:

  • Spikeless for Easy Cleanup

Spikeless golf shoes are not hard to clean. Because there is lesser amount of dirt and grass that will stick to the footwear during game play, you don’t have to spend thirty minutes just to clean up your golfing footwear before you can switch to casual ones.

  • Great for Casual Wear

Being spikeless also enables you to wear these shoes outside the links. Because there are no awkward spikes that will get in the way when you are walking in a park or at the mall, you do not have to switch to casual shoes after every game. You can just throw all your stuff into your golf bag and go wherever you need to go to since you do not have to change your footwear before going off the course. It’s quite convenient and such a money saver.

  • No Cleats

PUMA Faas Grip Golfing Shoe for Men has no cleats, making it very easy to clean. Because there will be no dirt and grass that will stick under your shoe whenever you walk on dry and wet grass, you can easily store it after game play especially if the weather is good and you do not have to dry them before putting them on storage.

  • What Other People Say

Aside from ease of cleanup, many people also commend this shoe’s style. Because it is simple yet elegant, men can wear them anywhere. Some just say that if you are planning on purchasing; go half a size bigger since the fit is a bit snug if you go for your usual size.


The PUMA Faas Grip is a great shoe. It doesn’t have awkward and bulging spikes yet it won’t let you slip whenever you walk around the course and when you swing your golf clubs. It is also very fashionable, making it ideal to be worn almost anywhere.

The price of the Faas Grip is also something that will make you feel happy that you bought it. This great shoe is below a hundred bucks, which makes it quite a steal.

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