PUMA Men’s AMP Sport Golf Shoe: Is it a Good Buy?

Playing golf would be much easier and enjoyable if you are wearing a pair of Men’s AMP Sport Golfing Shoes from PUMA. This simple yet attractive pair packs the support and the comfort that you will need to get through your day-long golf play without suffering from slips and discomfort.

Why Choose PUMA AMP

PUMA is one of the leading makers of shoes. The quality of their products never fails the market. That is the reason why their products are worth trying since you will definitely experience their high quality products.

Here are some of the things you ought to know about PUMA Men’s AMP Sport Golf Footwear:

  • Leather Upper

The PUMA AMP Golfing Shoe’s upper is made from leather, which is great for ventilation. Because leather enables the feet to breathe, you will definitely feel more comfortable when playing even during the summer season.

Leather is also known for being durable, which makes this model quite sturdy. You can play with it at any kind of weather since it will protect your feet while keeping it comfortable.

  • Rubber Sole and Spikes

The sole of the PUMA AMP is made from rubber, which is great since rubber is flexible while being durable. You won’t have to worry about slipping with these rubber soles also because of the rubber spikes that are strategically placed on the sole of each shoe. Each sole has seven groups of spikes that will prevent you from slipping whenever you walk on the turf or you have to swing your golf club when hitting the ball.

  • EverFoam Cushioning

Another great thing about this golfing shoe is its EverFoam cushioning, which makes the fit more comfortable. Even when you walk all day long, your feet will never feel tired and uncomfortable with this model. It will also protect your sole and your toes from calluses caused by abrasion while walking for long periods of time.

  • What Other People Say

Men’s AMP Sport Golfing Footwear by PUMA is definitely one of the best golf shoes that you can ever have. Many of the users of this model have already expressed their satisfaction with the performance of it inside and outside the course.

Most users of this golfing footwear say that they also use it for other activities. Because it is fashionable and is very comfortable to wear, many also use it for casual wear, which is quite a money saver.


The PUMA AMP Golfing Shoe is worth a try. Giving it a go on the links will definitely enable it to showcase its performance so give it a try when you go to your favorite course. See how it will grip on the ground without being too tacky. You should also test how the soles feel to your feet to ensure that it feels comfy without being too squishy.

All in all, this is a great golfing shoe. And for the price, it is one of the best deals that you will ever get for such an advantageous pair of shoes for golfing.

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