Everything You Need To Know About Puma Golf Shoes

Puma is one of the most popular brands in sporting goods these days, with factories and shops located around the world. From sports apparel, including Puma Golf shoes and equipment, Puma continues to grow, the living legacy of the founder, Rudolf Dassler. The early years of the company went through many struggles, starting out with the rivalry of the company Adidas (owned by Rudolf’s brother) in the late 40’s. The two companies started out as one, until the tension between the two brothers broke out.

After the Nazi regime, the rivalry of the two companies became more intense when professional athletes started to endorse products. The reputation of Puma improved after years of title wins of football teams and professional athletes with the use of the companies products. While Puma became very popular in many sports like soccer, basketball, and running for many, Puma only entered the golf market after five decades. With the strong history in providing quality sports equipments, Puma was able to incorporate experiences and knowledge to come up with new product lines these days.

Puma Golf Shoes

Unlike other brands, Puma Golf doesn’t have lots of shoe collections to offer. Although, the newest golf shoe collection from the company, the Faas Lite for men and women, received a lot of favorable reviews from casual and professional golfers.

What’s with the Faas Lite Golf Shoes?

The Faas Lite Golf Shoes is the newest golfing shoe collection from Puma Golf shoes. It combines lightweight design, flexible materials, and balanced form to provide more comfort and power for both casual and professional golfers. It boasts of its 8.7 ounce weight, and of course, its stylish design. It’s also made with a waterproof material that’s perfect for rainy days on the course.

The Faas Lite Mesh is a lighter counterpart of the Faas Lite, weighing no more than 6.5 ounces. With the StormCELL technology, the use of this golfing shoe will keep your feet moist-free under a hot weather. The FaasFoam+ technology used in both shoes is the blend of foam and rubber that’s 25 percent lighter than the foam used in previous golfing shoe collections.

For power, the new Puma Golf shoes collection applies the SmartQuill traction technology. It promises golfers better directional grip, ground contact, and stability. Both shoe collections were released worldwide in June 2013 and they’re fast rising in popularity thanks to what they’re offering to casual and professional golfers alike.

Puma Golf Shoes – Best Sellers

Aside from the Puma Golf Shoes Faas Lite Collection, there are also other bestsellers from the company. Here are some of the bestsellers from Puma’s online store:

Puma Golf ShoesFor Men:

  • AMP Cell Fusion
  • PG Clyde
  • AMP Sport Wide
  • Zero Limit
  • Spark Sport 2
  • Faas Grip Wide
  • Tux Lux
  • Ferrari Zero Limits

Puma Golf ShoesFor Women:

  • Sunny 2
  • PG Royal Tee
  • Faas Trac

The price of Puma Golf Shoes ranges from $90 to $275, with the Ferrari Zero Limits collection as the most expensive. Women’s shoes are relative cheaper. The cheapest golfing shoes of the company are offered through a discounted price on the Sunny 2 Golf Shoe Collection.

The Ferrari Zero Limits Collection

What’s so special about this Puma Golf shoes collection? Aside from the distinct design of the golfing shoes coming from the legendary Ferrari cars, it’s definitely equipped with lots of features, especially the ones dealing with performance, comfort, and durability.

  • PINS (Performance Insert System) for consistent swings.
  • DUO FLHT Chassis – carbon fiber equipped forefoot and heel connection for improved leverage, control, and power.
  • EverFoam cushioning for a more comfortable fit.
  • StromCELL technology for waterproofing.
  • Replaceable S2Quill spikes for better grounding and grip.

Endorsement Partners

Puma is definitely one of the sports brands that became popular because of numerous endorsement deals with star athletes and teams. Puma dominates the football market, sponsoring hundreds of national teams and athletes worldwide. When it comes to golf, the company recently signed an endorsement contract with the young pro golfer, Rickie Fowler. Here is a list of their endorsers in the golfing world:

Rickie Fowler

In 2007 and 2008, Rickie Fowler ranked as the number one amateur golfer for 36 weeks. The next year, he turned professional and played his debut tournament in the Albertson Boise Open. In the same year, he played his PGA Tour playoff game in the Frys.com Open, losing to Troy Matteson. Three years after turning pro, Fowler got his first PGA Tour win in the Wells Fargo Championship against Rory Mcllroy and Darren Andrew Points.

Ian Poulter

Iam Poulter is a 12-time European Tour title holder and 2-time PGA Tour winner. He also won tournaments in the Asian, Japan, and Australia Tour. In one of his games, he wore his favorite football team’s shirt that created buzz in the world of golf. He’s currently endorsing the Ferrari Zero Limits Puma Golf Shoes and will be wearing it in the 2013 PGA Tour.

Jonas Blixt

Jonas Blixt is a 2-time PGA Tour winner, including the Frys.com Open in 2013, and the Greenbrier Classic in 2013. He turned pro last 2008, earning more than $120,000 until 2009. The Puma Golf Team features his 2013 Autumn/Winter Puma gear, shown in the company website. He’s currently using the Puma Golf Shoes AMP Cell Fusion collection.

Blair O’Neal

Blair O’Neal is a 2-time NCAA Long Drive contest winner, and a Golf Channel’s Big Break: Dominican Republic MVP. She’s also one of the top 10 Sexiest Women in Sports by the Men’s Health Magazine in 2011. Along with her Cobra Puma clubs, she’s currently the focal point of the brand’s campaign names Project Pink and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Anna Maria Nordqvist

Anna Nordqvist is a professional golfer playing both on the Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour. In 2009, she turned pro and got her first LPGA Tour win in the McDonald’s LPGA Championship against Lindsey Wright. In the same year, she also won the 2009 LPGA Tour Championship. Recently, Puma Golf released her interview with the company, featuring her style and life story. There’s even an interview with her together with Puma Golf shoes and equipment endorser, Lexi Thompson.

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