Why Are Puma Golf Shoes So Comfortable?

The puma golf shoe offers unbeatable comfort. People who play golf appreciate the need to wear suitable footwear on the golf course in order to enjoy the game. It is crucial for a golfer to have a golf shoe that is very comfortable in order for him to be on his “A” game, we all know that playing let alone walking with an uncomfortable shoe is a difficult and painful process that may take away the fun from the game. The puma golf shoe contains a special in built memory foam which memorizes the foot of the golfer and as a result it offer exceptional comfort every time the shoe is worn.

In addition to comfort, the puma golf shoe offers excellent traction, traction is essential as it restrains the golfer’s foot from turning after they strike the ball. The turning of the foot determines whether the swing will be a slice or a hook, with a shoe with minimal traction, the golfer may end up frustrated with his strikes failing to reach his expectations. Traction is created by the spikes that are fixed to the sole of the shoes. These spikes can either be plastic also known as soft spikes or metal. With a view of maintaining the golf course, many clubs only accept plastic spikes during play. Spikes on the puma golf shoes are replaceable making them pocket friendly instead of purchasing new shoes.

Puma Golf ShoesWith proper maintenance of the puma golf shoes, they should be able to serve the owner for a long time. Some maintenance tips include; first, putting Cedar Shoe Trees inside the puma golf shoes, this draws out sweat and other liquids out of the shoe and this will decrease the deteriorating rate of the leather hence prolonging the shoes life. It is advisable to put cedar shoe trees inside golf shoes before placing them in the trunk of your car.

Secondly, simple cleaning of the shoes with a shoe towel and clean water will remove dirt and chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides that are normally used to maintain the golf course. These chemicals if left on the shoe can cause the leather on the shoe to crack. After cleaning a shoe cream or polish should be applied on them and this help the leather retain its shine and water proof abilities. Occasionally, the puma shoes can be taken to a professional for a professional wash and they will leave your pair of puma golf shoes looking brand new.

Thirdly, spikes should be replaced regularly in order to maintain grip and traction. Replacement of spikes can easily be done by the owner because of the creation of the Q-loks and FastTwist systems that are available in the puma golf shoes. Finally, having two pairs of puma golf shoes is worthwhile since it enables the golfer to use the golf shoes on rotation, this enables a pair to rest and as a result the shoes remain in good shape as compared to a golfer who uses only one pair of shoes.

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