The Best Pairs of New Balance Golf Shoes

The New Balance brand has been around for several years now, but it was only recently that the company decided to venture into golf shoes. Yet, despite being new in the industry, the company has already proven that they can do better than most of the brands of golfing shoes today.

Based in Boston USA, the company started as a small footwear company selling different types of footwear and other sports apparel. Today, New Balance is among the world’s leading shoe manufacturers and is currently expanding by offering their latest line of golfing shoes.

New Balance golf shoes might appear a bit more expensive than other leading brands. The reason behind the price difference is because of the technical features and innovative designs that they come with, such as the heel counters and gel inserts, which you won’t normally find in any other brand of golfing footwear today.

New Balance is committed to providing the most comfortable pair of golf shoes to wear on the course. As you know, when playing the game, it is absolutely important that you are comfortable with your footwear so you can focus more on your game. Remember that the shoes that you choose will play an important role in determining your overall success on the greens. That is why choosing the right kind of golfing shoes is very important.

Here are some of the best pairs from New Balance that you might want to check out.

New Balance Minimus Sport Golf Shoes for Men

The Men’s Minimus Sports Golf Shoe is known for its spikeless and lightweight design. The shoes are also one of the new models and have a modern look and design. These pairs are a cross category collection for minimal enthusiasts that are ideal for any kind of activities, not just golfing. The footwear can be used for running, circuit workouts, and other sports activities.

Like most of the New Balance golf footwear, this pair comes equipped with all the features that you need for a comfortable pair. For one, it has a mesh upper that resists water which provides cooling comfort to your feet. It also comes with the REVlite midsole, a feature that provides great responsiveness, great balance and excellent durability.

In addition, this pair is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane cage that offers added support, as well as a dry comfort anti-microbial fabric treatment that helps to lessen the odor. So as you can see, wearing this pair on the course would mean that you will be able to focus more on your game due to the comfort and convenience that it brings.

New Balance Men’s NBG2002 Golf Shoe

Another new pair of golf shoes that has been gaining popularity in the market now is the NBG2002 shoe for men.  This pair is made from premium microfiber leather material that is waterproof so it ensures a dry and comfortable fit even when you wear the footwear on wet grasses. It also comes with a comfortable 10 mm drop midsole that enhances the ground feel.

What’s great about the footwear from New Balance, including this pair, is that they come with anti microbial treatment. Such feature helps to wick away the moisture in your footwear which results to a dry and comfortable feel, allowing you to be able to focus more on your game.

Another feature that these footwear are equipped with is the Champ ONE-Lok cleat system which is said to be the lightest and the thinnest TPU outsole in the market. This feature provides dynamic flexibility, balance, and stability. Above all, the footwear come with a two year waterproof warranty which means that investing on this pair is definitely worth it.

New Balance Men’s MO1521 Multi-Sport Shoe

The MO1521 Multi-Sport Shoe for men is another pair that is worth checking out. The footwear are known to deliver utmost comfort to the wearer and provide maximum support to your feet.

It is made from highly durable leather upper which is so comforting to the feet and is integrated with mesh panels that add flexibility while increasing the air flow at the same time. This feature results to a cooler and dryer feel so you will feel very comfortable while walking on the course with this pair on. Underneath is a rubber sole which provides traction so regardless of your sport, whether it is running or golfing, you will be able to perform better.

The MO1521 Multi-Sport Shoes are also among the pairs of New Balance golf shoes that are known for their durability. No matter how rough the road or how torn-up the trail you will take, nothing can definitely slow you down when heading out with this pair.

The footwear are rugged and are ready and trail tested, while their great flexibility as well as high grip outsole can handle any kind of landscape. They are waterproof as well so you will feel at ease even when you walk on wet grass.

New Balance Minimus LX Golf Shoes for Women

Women golfers who are looking for a highly reliable pair of golf shoes should check out the Women’s Minimus LX golf shoes. These New Balance golfing shoes are made for running, yet it is perfect for the course.

The moment you look at this new pair of shoes, you will notice its chic feminine design accented with the beauty of the color pink as well as a mark of Susan G. Komen on the Cure? ribbon. This pair of shoes provides more support in every golf club swing, give your feet the proper balance. It was designed and manufactured on the Minimus platform so you will feel your feet touching the ground, resulting to excellent performance.

Like most of the golf shoes from New Balance, this pair of shoes is also made of leather that resists water and features the very light REVlite midsole which provides cushions to your feet. It also comes with a rubber outsole that has no spikes. This complements well with the low profile look and feel of the shoes and provides great traction each time you do a swing and when you walk on the golf course.

New Balance Men’s MO80 Minimus Multi-Sport Shoe

The Minimus line of New Balance golfing shoes is gaining huge popularity these days when it comes to the barefoot and close to barefoot category of golfing footwear. This pair is more than just a golf shoe, for it is also ideal for running.

The Minimus lineup of footwear from New Balance is known for its flexible feel while giving added protection to the wearer at the same time. It has a lightweight design with a low heel drop which means that walking with this model on would feel like wearing nothing at all. These features put your feet in a natural position and eliminate that bulky feeling that is caused by any traditional pairs of golf footwear that are often heavily cushioned.

This pair of footwear is among the New Balance golfing shoes that feature a sewn construction which helps to eliminate those irritating hot spots as a result of sewn seams so even if you wear a thin pair of socks to go with these footwear, you will feel comfortable and you will have that close to earth feeling. Wearing this MO80 shoe from New Balance will definitely make you feel lighter even when you are running, traveling or playing on the course.

New Balance Minimus LX Golf Shoes for Men

This pair of New Balance golfing shoes is the male counterpart of the Women’s Minimus LX Golf Shoe. Just like with that pair of golf footwear for women, these footwear come with great features that provide comfort on your feet. This is basically a cross category collection for the minimal enthusiasts who do a lot of activities, such as trail running, circuit workouts, and many more.

The Men’s Minimus LX Golf Shoe features a premium leather upper that is waterproof and provides maximum comfort. Furthermore, it comes with the dry fit and highly innovative REVlite mid sole. This offers excellent resilience at a weight that is 30 percent lighter as compared to other foams that have comparable performance with how the Ortholite insole eliminates moisture in order to provide cool and dry comfort.

It also comes with the anti-microbial fabric treatment that helps to eliminate odor on your feet. Above all, this pair has a balance dual density spikeless outsole that provides superior traction when running or when making a swing on the links.

Whether you consider yourself a pro in the game of golf, or perhaps a beginner who is still trying to learn the ins and outs of the game, these New Balance golf shoes are definitely worth checking out.

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