Oakley Men’s Ripcord Golf Shoe: If You’re Looking for Something Edgy

Nowadays, more and more golfers are looking for a pair of golf shoes that can be described as “edgy”. Gone are the days when all golfers go for the classic look of golf shoes. With more and more manufacturers joining in to meet the rising and changing demands of golfers, more and more golf shoes with different designs are being offered. This includes the Oakley Men’s Ripcord Golf Shoe that features an edgy design.

A Product of Good Engineering

Oakley is known for their good engineering with their sunglasses. Oakley used the same good engineering in order to come up with the lace-up design. This design puts together beauty, comfort, and functionality.

The edgy but beautiful design is very sleek with the right amount of accents including the very recognizable Oakley logo. The design also makes this pair waterproof. As far as comfort is concerned, you don’t have to worry because the Oakley Ripcord features a tongue and collar with the perfect amount of padding. The lining, while providing comfort, also prevents moisture from building up.

The design can also be described as ergonomic. It offers great fit that will hug your feet comfortably to ensure stability while walking and swinging. The ergonomic design can also help provide comfort. Speaking of comfort, the design is also very lightweight. Playing an 18 hole round of golf shouldn’t be a problem.

How about the Traction?

Of course, a good pair of golf shoes should offer great traction. This is very important because the last thing that you need is to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Some people are concerned that the Oakley Ripcord doesn’t offer good traction. This is a valid concern because this pair is spikeless.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about this pair’s traction. In place of the spikes, Oakley made use of its Coreflex technology in the outsole. In addition, this outsole is made of vulcanized rubber. This combination allows this pair to provide great traction to golfers.

What Other People are Saying

Most reviews talk about the Oakley Ripcord being lightweight. In fact, a lot of them are saying that this is the lightest pair that they’ve ever worn. On that note, a lot of people are saying that it’s the most comfortable pair that they’ve worn. In addition, they’re sharing that they’re getting a lot of compliments for the design of the shoe. This is especially true nowadays when more and more golfers are appreciating edgy designs.

Most importantly, people love the inexpensive price tag. Consider the features and you know that this is a very good buy.

Should You Buy it?

Admittedly, this isn’t for everyone as there are still golfers who are looking for a safer design for their golf shoes. But if you’re ready to try something more edgy, then the Oakley Ripcord is a very good choice. You can buy one at an inexpensive price and you can experience comfort and stability on the golf course which can surely help you improve your game.


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