Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe

Another exceptional pair of shoes from the Nike Golf line of footwear is the Lunar Ascend. They refer to this footwear as a “summer” golfing shoe and this is because the footwear are known for being lightweight and breathable and will keep the golfer’s feet from heating up and weighing down.

Excellent Construction

The Lunar Ascend makes use of Nike’s highly innovative Hyperfuse construction, the same kind of technology used on the upper of Nike’s ever famous basketball shoes. The Hyperfuse makes use of a total of three different materials on the upper. One is a synthetic underlay right on the interior and another is a mesh layer for the airflow and third is a very thin TPU layer. The materials are then fused altogether with no sewing involved. As a result, they came up with a highly exceptional and a very lightweight golfing shoe that offers utmost support and extreme comfort to the golfer.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The Lunar Ascend Golfing Shoe is known for being lightweight and is very comfortable to wear as well. They look stylish too and are available in four different color schemes that will pretty much go well with just about any outfit you wear. The synthetic material that the Lunar is made of is very soft and therefore, the Lunar Ascend will not cause any trouble on your feet and you can put your focus on your game.

This model is incredibly very light and the outer material of the shoe has multiple sections of the mesh vents, making it the perfect footwear to wear during the hot summer season, which explains why they dubbed it as the “summer golfing shoe”. The Integrated Traction outsole as well as the Lunarlon foam cushioning system all contributes to its comfort. This “lunar” shoe is out of this world.

Stability and Performance

This model is excellent when it comes to stability and performance. It has an exceptional performance during dry and wet seasons, although it performs really well during the hot summer days. During the rainy season, your feet might get a little bit damp because of the shoes’ trainer like design. Nevertheless, this shoe still performs well on both dry and wet seasons.

This pair of footwear is more like a traditional golfing shoe than the rest of the footwear that they have released in the past. Furthermore, the larger molded cleats that are on the soles of these shoes certainly helped in the stability department.

The Lunar Ascend is undoubtedly the lightest golfing shoes in the planet and you will not feel any discomfort when you have this pair of footwear on. Perhaps this is due to the Hyperfuse material that Nike has integrated to the shoes. But it is not only lightweight. It is breathable and comfortable as well. So if you still cannot figure out which pair of golfing shoes to buy, then look no more. Invest on the Lunar Ascend Golfing shoe now.

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