Nike Golf Men’s Nike Heritage Golf Shoe: Can’t Go Wrong with Nike

The Men’s Nike Heritage from Nike Golf is a great shoe especially for people who love spiked golf shoes. Because of its grip, you will never have to worry about slips when walking around the course or when swinging your golf club hard. This makes it an ideal kind of footwear for golfing during any kind of weather.

Why Go for the Heritage

If you are looking for a golfing shoe that will provide you with the performance that you will surely commend, you ought to try this out. The price is also quite appealing, which makes it quite a deal.

Here are some of the features that you will get when you try out the Heritage Golfing Shoe:

  • Price

One of the best features about the Heritage is its price. Having the price range of less than fifty to sixty bucks, this is quite a steal. You do not need to buy expensive golfing shoes just to experience the performance of high quality spiked golfing footwear because you will definitely experience that in this model.

  • Style

The style is also something that you will look forward to when you buy the Heritage. It has a synthetic upper and manmade sole, which make it really sturdy and appealing. The manmade sole ensures that you will feel comfortable while being protected from slips and water leakage.

The synthetic leather upper will also ensure that your socks and feet will remain dry even when you are playing during rainy days.

  • Scorpion Stinger Spikes and Tri-LOK System

The spikes are also something that sets this shoe apart from other affordable golfing shoes in the market. The Tri-LOK system ensures that you will never slip even when you do some hard swinging. The style of the spikes also makes it easier for you to clean them up after playing on wet grass. This makes for a great play since you do not need to do thorough cleaning every after game.

  • What Other People Say

Just like other golfing footwear that are sold online, the Heritage for men is best bought at least a size bigger than the actual shoe size of the wearer. Because it has a snug fit for superb comfort and stability, you may need to buy half a size or a size bigger to ensure that the shoe will not be too tight especially on the toe part.


The Men’s Nike Heritage Golfing Shoe is a great buy. For the price, you will surely be pleased that this footwear offers a lot of features that can be found on more expensive golfing shoes. The style is also something that you will definitely like about this model. Even though it has spikes, which makes it ideal for grass courses, the style is really cool and you will want to wear it anywhere. It looks casual and is very lightweight, which makes it ideal for day-long game plays on the links.

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