Nike Golf Men’s Nike Air Range WP Golf Shoe: Another Good Pair from Nike

Nike is known for their sports footwear. Because they provide excellent products, it is not surprising that their golfing shoes are also very popular. Whatever the materials that they use for their products, every pair turns out excellent and performs quite nicely. Because of this, trying out their Men’s Nike Air Range WP Golfing Shoe would not be an experiment but an upgrade for better golfing footwear.

Why Try Nike Footwear

This company earned its place as one of the top manufacturers of sports footwear. Thus, they ensure that each of their products is of high quality. Their new Air Range WP proves that yet again, they are able to design and manufacture a great sports shoe that each golfer would love to have.

Here are some of the features of the Air Range Footwear. This will help you determine why they have been on top of the list of sports shoe manufacturers:

  • Features and Advantages
  • Manmade Sole

The sole of each shoe is handmade to ensure that each pair is excellently made for comfort, stability and support. The four spikes on the sole ensure that the wearer will be comfortable even when walking on flat surfaces and not just on turf and dirt.

The additional nodes at the sole also ensure that the shoe will have enough traction to keep the wearer in place even during powerful swings that often make golfers slip from the turf, which makes for an uncomfortable feeling to the feet, legs and hips.

  • Synthetic Waterproof Upper

The synthetic upper of the shoe is waterproof, which ensures that your feet and socks will be dry even if you are playing on rainy seasons. And even though the material used for the upper is synthetic, it is still breathable, which is great for playing during sunny days. Your feet will stay dry regardless of the weather, which is a big plus especially for people who sweat a lot or often play during rainy seasons.

  • Lightweight

This shoe is also made to be super lightweight to make sure that you are comfortable wearing them. Walking 18 holes in a single play will not be too harsh on your feet because your feet will not feel too tired from the weight of the footwear.

  • What Other People Say

Most people who have bought the Men’s Air Range WP Golfing Footwear say that it’s probably one of the most comfortable and most lightweight shoes that they have ever worn. Most people advised that you should order at least half a size bigger so that the fit will not be too snug on your feet.


Nikes Golfing Footwear are simply great and this model is one of their shoes that they endorse to people who love lightweight yet heavy duty golfing shoes. Even when you are fond of playing during the rainy seasons, you will surely enjoy your sport as this will take care of your feet, ensuring that you are protected from abrasions, excess moist and foot pain.

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