Men’s FootJoy Contour Casual 54284 Spikeless: Is it a Golf Shoe or Not?

Want to have a golf shoe and a casual shoe in one? Grab the FootJoy Contour Casual 54284 Spikeless for Men. This simple yet stylish golfing shoe is great not only for playing golf but also for running in the park or strolling inside a mall. With its simple yet appealing style, you will surely be able to save money by not having the need to buy a spare shoe that you can wear after golfing on a muddy course.

Why Go for the Casual and Functional FootJoy Spikeless

Aside from its great looks, this golfing shoes performance is also something that you will surely get fond of. It is guaranteed to be waterproof, which means that you will be able to enjoy wearing this comfy and fashionable shoe even if it is slightly raining.

Here are some of the features that you will surely love about the FootJoy Contour Casual 54284:

  • Waterproof Warranty

When you purchase the Men’s FootJoy 54284 Spikeless, you will receive a US Warranty that guarantees that your shoe will be waterproof for two years. This is a great warranty because you will be able to feel rest assured that your shoe will prevent any water leakage for a long period of time.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper

The upper of the 54284 is made from full grain leather, which makes it quite breathable and comfortable. This will ensure that your feet will be able to ‘breathe’ while it is being protected from moist and rain whenever you are playing during rainy days.

  • Poly Urethane Linings

Aside from the full grain upper material that protects your feet, the inside of the FootJoy 54284 is also made from poly urethane lining. This ensures that your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

  • Great Contour

One of the best features of the FootJoy 54284 is its contour. Because it is properly shaped to fit the shape of your feet, you will feel quite comfortable while walking. The shape of your feet is contoured on the shoe, which ensures that your feet will not be in any awkward position even when you are swinging your golf club and are running or walking on uneven surfaces.

  • What Other People Say

Many customers say that this product is one of the best casual golfing shoes that they have ever owned. Aside from the waterproof feature, many people also commend how properly contoured it is. Many users find it very appealing also, which also makes it great for other outdoor and indoor activities.


The Men’s FootJoy 54284 Spikeless Contour Casual is one of the best multi-purpose shoes that you can find on the market. Because of its versatile design, you will be able to use it anywhere you want. Whether you want to play golf all day long or have a stroll at the mall, you can surely wear this spikeless golf shoe without any problems. You can also go straight to other places right after golfing because dirt won’t stick to the bottom of your footwear, which saves you a lot of time from cleaning the outsole.

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