A List of Good Golf Shoes that You can Buy for Under $100

There are a lot of golf shoes that are really great but are priced affordably. But, because there are just too many shoes available online, you might not be able to determine which ones are cheap and which ones are not within a person’s regular budget. So if you are looking for a good pair of shoes, you need to check out lists first. This way, you will know which ones are worth checking out. Reading lists will also enable you to know about great shoe brands that you have never heard before.

Great Shoes Under $100

To help you find affordable golf shoes, here is a list of some of the best sellers of shoes for golfing. The price range doesn’t exceed a hundred bucks; quite budget friendly.

  • Adidas Crossflex

One of the best sellers today is the Adidas Crossflex. This white and red gold shoe provides great support while featuring a great design. It is quite breathable and the sole is manmade, making it quite durable. It also has strategically placed zonal traction elements to ensure stability during gameplay on various conditions.

Another great thing about this golf shoe is its price; ranging from $50-$100 only.

  • Nike Golf Men’s Nike Heritage III

Another great golf shoe on the list is Nike’s Heritage III. It has scorpion-stinger spikes that will ensure stability. It also features Nike’s Power Platform flex, which makes it very comfy to wear.

It is also waterproof on the upper part and is made from synthetic leather, making it easy to maintain. Price ranges from $60-$80 only.

  • Men’s Footjoy Superlites

An addition to the list of the best and most affordable golf shoes is Men’s Footjoy Superlites. As the name implies, it is light and very comfy to wear. Another great thing about this golf shoe is that it is guaranteed to be waterproof for up to a year with normal usage.

The traction is also great as it features stinger golf spikes to make sure that you never slip and maintain stability during your games. Price ranges from $50-$84 only.

  • Oakley Men’s Ripcord

One of the best and cheapest golf shoes in the list is Oakley’s Ripcord golf shoes. Its price ranges from a mere $38-$80 only. Aside from the price, it is also appealing to golfers because of its features. It features an ergonomic flat design and Eva molded sole, which provides extreme comfort. It is also quite light and is perfect for long-day game play.

When looking for a golf shoe, it is best to read lists first so that you will have an idea on what brands are best sellers. This will not only enable you to find cheap ones but will also let you find the best ones in terms of features and durability. Not all affordable golf shoes have low quality so make sure that you check them out so that you can have a great pair of golf shoes without spending a lot of money.

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