A List of Golf Shoes that You Can Buy when You Feel Like Splurging for the Best

When buying golf shoes, comfort should be the number one factor that you should take into consideration. Nothing is worse than playing your favorite sport and having your feet hurting even before you could even finish your game. It is for this reason why a lot of golf enthusiasts would be willing to invest hundreds of dollars for a great pair of golfing shoes.

Options when Money is Not an Issue

If you are like them and you would not mind spending your hard earned money for the best footwear for your favorite game, then here are some of the most recommended brands:

  • Nike Golf Men’s Nike Zoom TW 2012

This pair of golf shoes is known for its great cushioning, making it one of the most comfortable footwear to wear in the golf course. This pair of shoes is designed to lock your foot in place while giving you utmost comfort when playing your game.

The shoes are built on the Nike Power platform and provide great stability and balance even when playing on an uneven ground. The Nike Golf Men’s Nike Zoom TW 2012 is also known for being ultra-lightweight and for its ability to withstand all kinds of weather condition.

It might cost a lot, but investing on this pair is certainly worth it since you can guarantee that it will last for several years, even if you use it on a daily basis.

  • ECCO Men’s BIOM Hydromax

Another model of golfing shoes that is getting a buzz in the market these days is the ECCO Men’s BIOM Hydromax golf shoes. It comes with a one of a kind design that utilizes your feet’s normal system for a much better absorbing impact. It is super light, allowing you to feel more comfortable when playing for a longer time in the golf course.

It has a stabilizing heel as well, which prevents any slipping incidences when playing golf on wet grass. The ECCO Men’s BIOM Hydromax is also capable of supporting your body’s favored motion paths and simulates your feet’s normal cushioning system, for a more comfortable golfing experience.

  • Callaway Footwear Men’s Tour Staff

Another pair of golfing shoes that is worthy of your hard earned money is the Callaway Footwear Men’s Tour Staff. The reason why it is getting so popular is because of the extreme comfort that it brings you. Furthermore, it is made from a highly durable material with leather lining and comes with Ortholite molded insert that provides anti microbial moisture.

This pair of golf shoes is also loaded with innovative features such as the Drysport technology for waterproof protection, which means that you can use this footwear even when playing on wet grass. Another good feature that it comes with is the Comfort Tech Gel Tongue that promotes a much better circulation. It also has a rubber comfort traction outsole, making it one of the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes that any golfer would dream to have.

Check out these brands and models to see why they’re worth your money.

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