Why You Should Invest on the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes

In this day and age wherein everything can pretty much be bought online, looking for the best pair of golf shoes to buy should not be a problem. But there are absolutely so many brands and models of golf shoes that are out in the market today and deciding which pair to buy can be a bit of a challenge. But remember that your golf shoes is one of the most important part of your entire golfing career so you should make sure that you are buying the best brand and model of golf shoes.

A golf shoes from Nike, such as the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes would be a great choice. As you know, Nike has already built a reputation for being the best when it comes to sportswear and their Nike Golf line of footwear is a proof that the company is committed to providing the best quality of products.

Sophisticated Look

If you are after for the kind of golf shoes that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, then the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes is certainly a great choice. The look of these golf shoes is really awesome, which is perfect for those who are looking for a sophisticated pair of golf shoes that they can show off in the golf course.

There are even some men who will choose to buy these shoes even when they are not playing golf at all. They just love the innovative and sleek design which is perfect for day to day wear. There are six color combinations that you can choose from and all colors will certainly captivate any style conscious golfer out there.

Superb Comfort

A lot of golfers are aware that comfort is the number one factor to consider when choosing the best golf footwear. Remember that you will be putting a ton of miles on the golf course. The Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes is sure to give you the maximum comfort that you need when playing on the field.

In fact, others would say that the comfort that you will enjoy with this pair of shoes is that same comfort that runners would feel when wearing one of the comfortable running shoes that Nike is famous for. Both amateur and professional golfers would certainly agree about giving utmost importance to comfort when looking for golf footwear and even a golf outfit.

Furthermore, the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes feature Lunarlon cushioning, which is a kind of feature that makes the shoes lighter in order to take off any stress and pressure points on your feet especially when you are out in the field, practicing your swing. Indeed, the golf shoes are so light and those who have tried them said that wearing the shoes is like wearing nothing at all. So if you think that your current pair of golf shoes is not giving you the kind of comfort that you need, then ditch that now and invest on the Lunar Golf shoes from Nike.

Excellent Grip

Another great thing about the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes that is worth mentioning on this review is its ability to provide excellent grip. This pair of shoes will give you the entire grip that you need in order to excel in your game and this is made possible with the help of its Scorpion Stinger Spikes, as well as the Tri LOK system.

Even when you wear the shoes during rainy days, you will still be able to get a good grip and it keeps you from slipping even when you walk on wet grass. The golf shoes also come with replacement spikes, so if you feel like the spikes are no longer working like they should, then all you have to do is to replace them. If you need to purchase new replacement spikes, they are readily available at any of the sporting goods store near you or at some online sellers of Nike golf shoes.

Various Benefits

There are certainly lots of benefits that one can enjoy when choosing the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes as opposed to other brands of golfing shoes in the market today. Among these benefits are:

  • It features a Flywire technology that gives ultra lightweight support and maximum comfort to the wearer.
  • It is so comfortable to wear due to its springy Lunarlon cushioning.
  • It has a soft and flexible material, yet it’s durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear.
  • It features the next generation Nike Power Platform that stabilizes the feet to provide a much better balance and a smoother weight transfer.
  • It is waterproof, and performs well even on harsh weather conditions.
  • The Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes come with the Power Transfer Zone feature, which is a feature that leads to a smoother transfer of power at impact.


If you are looking for a pair of golf shoes that is sure to last for a long time, then you can never go wrong with the Lunar Control Shoes from Nike. But aside from being hardwearing, this pair of golf shoes is highly recommended because of the great features that it comes with.

With all these amazing features, the wearer will be able to enjoy maximum comfort while playing the game and aside from that, it provides excellent grip as well even when worn during the wet season. While this pair might come with a hefty price tag, investing on it is definitely worth it. There is no point in buying a cheap pair of golf shoes when you cannot concentrate on your game because of the discomfort that it brings.

And what happens if you slip in the middle of the golf course because your shoes do not have excellent traction unlike the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes? That is surely an embarrassing moment which you certainly do not want to happen to you. So be wise with your choices and invest on the Lunar Control golf shoes now.

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