How To Improve Your Golf Swing Through Improving Your Tempo

Tempo is a word that is often used when discussing the golf swing. Television announcers often speak about how Ernie Els’ golf swing has great tempo. However, when it comes to the amateur’s golf swing what does tempo exactly mean?

The Golf Swing And Tempo

Tempo in a golf swing is comprised of several parts. Part of tempo is timing in all of the golf swing’s various aspects. It is also involved in the sequencing of every position that is part of the golf swing. Finally, it also is part of the “feel” of the swing. When all of those golf swing parts are put together it provides your golf swing with tempo.

Interconnecting each of the golf swing’s phases is part of tempo, including from the address to the take-away, then back swing, transition, down swing, impact and all the way to the follow through. Using the correct timing while performing each of the phases is tempo as well. The last but not least aspect of tempo is feel for the club head.

Tempo can probably be said to be the end goal for all of the time we spend practicing our golf swing. After we have been able to develop tempo in our golf swing, it definitely has a degree of mastery involved with it.

How Can Tempo In The Golf Swing Be Developed?

This is a great question without a simple answer. It requires a lot of time, practice and patient to develop tempo in your golf swing. There aren’t any real short cuts to it. Practicing one time at your driving range won’t do it. Using one training aide isn’t enough. Implementing a golf fitness regimen won’t do it by itself.

The reason I say this is because you need to have a whole arsenal of tools to develop a PGA Tour like golf swing. Developing a smooth golf swing with tempo requires you to:

  • Get proper instruction on the golf swing’s fundamentals
  • Practice your golf swing on a consistent basis
  • Use swing drills for developing each aspect of your golf swing
  • Possibly using training aides within your practice sessions
  • Starting a golf fitness program for developing your body around your golf swing.

The above set of tools, when combined together, can result in you developing great tempo for your golf swing. A comprehensive approach is required without any short cuts. Let’s take a closer look at the points we discussed above to better understand how to get this process started.

Proper Instruction On Golf Swing Mechanics

The real key to developing good tempo is learning all of the various golf swing fundamentals. The best way of achieving this is through receiving quality instruction. It will enable your body to thoroughly learn all of the nuances of the golf swing. When it comes to developing tempo, it is the first step.

Consistently Practicing Your Golf Swing

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. You need to practice your golf swing on a consistent basis for your body to be able to learn and repeat the golf swing’s proper mechanics. Repetition is how your body is able to learn biomechanical movements. It is the same with learning the golf swing. The second major key to developing your tempo is proper practice with repetition.

Swing Drills For Developing Your Golf Swing

Overall, the golf swing is one of the more intricate and complex athletic movements to do. Performing and mastering the entire movement is very difficult. When trying to learn the golf swing the best thing to do is break the swing down into its separate parts. When you break down the golf swing into segments it enables you to master each one of the phases of the swing more easily. The way you can accomplish this is through utilizing golf swing drills. These drills break down the golf swing into separate parts that are manageable.

Using Training Aids Along With Golf Swing Drills

Utilizing training aids can help your body to develop your golf swing. Training aids can be thought of like a bicycle’s training wheels. They assist your body with learning certain positions and movements that are part of your golf swing.

Starting A Golf Fitness Program

It is your body that performs the biomechanics of your golf swing and swings the club. In order to correctly perform a golf swing’s biomechanics, your body needs to have a certain degree of power, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. If your body lacks any of the above, then it can be very difficult to correctly learn golf swing biomechanics. The final key for developing tempo within your golf swing is to implement a golf fitness program.


You need to have an entire arsenal of tools in order to develop tempo as part of your golf swing. Development of tempo requires you to have: proper golf swing instruction, practicing golf swing mechanics on a consistent basis, and utilizing a golf fitness program, training aides and swing drills. When those aspects are all combined together, you will be able to develop great tempo for your golf swing.

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