Two Golf Shoes that are Effective in Wet Grass

For golfers, one of the most important tools that you need to have, aside from your golf clubs of course, is the golf shoes. And it’s a sad fact that not all golfers are aware of the importance of having a good pair of shoes for their game. Remember that if your feet are not properly secured to the ground, you could lose your momentum and you will end up losing your game no matter how good of a golfer you are.

There will be those times when you will need to play golf under the rain. As such, you will need to walk through a wet course with wet grasses that are a bit slippery. To avoid untoward accidents and to help you to concentrate more on your game, it is best that you invest on a pair of golf shoes that is effective on wet grasses.

Things to Consider

It’s important that you buy a pair that is known for having good flexibility. Shoes that are not flexible are known to be hard to wear when wet. The shoes should also have some special features that help you to feel more comfortable while you are walking along the wet golf course so you will be able to concentrate more on your game.

Of course, having good spikes underneath the shoes can help with traction. Aside from that, the pair of golf shoes should be made from a high quality material that makes it durable and hardwearing even under the rain. Of course, the material should be waterproof.

Some Brands and Models You can Check Out

Here are two brands and models that are built to withstand wet weather:

  • Footjoy DryJoys

This is a good pair of golf shoes that has a good flexibility and is suitable for daily playing, even on wet conditions. It’s been tried and tested by a lot of professionals including Brett Wetterich, Troy Matteson, Chris Dimarco and more. This pair of golfing shoes is also made from a high quality material which is durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

  • Ecco Waterproof Golf Shoes

ECCO Golf ShoesEcco is another good brand and it’s just fitting that they also have a whole line of waterproof shoes. Their shoes undergo a vulcanization process to seal the upper part of the shoes with the outsole. This means that they will not separate even if you regularly play on wet courses.

You can also choose between Gore-Tex and Hydromax leather materials. Both work well on wet courses as they offer good protection against the elements, but most golfers prefer the Gore-Text material since it’s designed to keep moisture out. Best of all, they’re highly-breathable which is important in a pair of golfing shoes.

So these are two of the best golf shoes to wear when playing golf on a wet course. The best thing about these pairs of shoes is that they do not cost a lot. They are very affordable even if they are both made from high quality materials.

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