Golf Shoe Reviews 2015: The Top 10

If you are new in the game of golf, then you’re probably wondering how important the golf shoes are in your game. Your golf shoes are actually as important as your golf clubs, golf bag, and pretty much every golfing accessory that you use for your game. If you really want to excel in your game and you are serious about learning golf, then you must invest on the best pair.

Most of the golf shoes these days are equipped with the most innovative features that will not only assist you in learning your game well, but will also help you to feel comfortable all throughout your game. Remember that the game of golf would require that you stay on your feet for a long time. If you wear the wrong type of shoes, you will soon end up with blisters and strains and eventually, you could suffer from injuries.

In addition, this type of footwear is specifically designed to help you with your swings. Simply put, you can’t wear a different type of footwear and expect to excel in this sport. You need to position yourself for success and wearing the right pair is a good way to start.

Now the question that you probably have is, “What would be the best pair of golf shoes to buy these days?” To help address that question, here are golf shoe reviews of the top 10 golf shoes of 2015.

1.    Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Aero II Golf Shoe

Callaway Golf is a US based global sporting goods company that has been designing, manufacturing and selling shoes since the 1980s. Aside from shoes, they are also known for their ability to produce high quality golf clubs, irons, drivers, and several other golf accessories. Being in the industry for so long, you can say that Callaway certainly knows what they are doing. Despite being released just recently, their latest product, the Men’s Chev Aero Golf Shoe, has already been getting a lot of buzz among golf enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, it’s one of those products that have earned high ratings online, based on customer reviews.


  • Fully enhanced storm guard made of water resistant microfiber material that ensures great playability.
  • Features a 3D breathable breeze air mesh with a debris guard for a more comfortable feel and excellent performance.
  • Midsole is made of lightweight EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).
  • Comes with a 3D Ortholite insert that provides exceptional comfort when you walk through the golf course.
  • Includes a 30 day comfort guarantee.

The Callaway Men’s Chev Aero Golf Shoes is definitely the perfect shoes for any beginner in the game of golf. As you see, it comes equipped with the necessary features to provide comfort and stability to any golfer.

But aside from its features, another thing that makes these shoes to stand out from the rest of the golf shoes in the market right now is its outstanding design. Callaway certainly knows how to create the best looking shoes in the industry. With the release of the Chev Aero this year, they have proven once again that indeed, they are on the lead when it comes to golf accessories and equipment.

2.    Men’s Adidas Tour 360 X Boa Golf Shoes Q47062

Adidas requires no introduction because the brand has already established a name in the industry of the sport for several years now. In fact, if people hear the brand Adidas, they would associate it with high quality products, made with the finest materials.
Indeed, this is what the Tour 360 X Boa Golf Shoes is all about. It’s made of lightweight synthetic leather, thus, aside from being very durable, this pair of shoes is comfortable to wear as well. And just like with the previous footwear that Adidas has created, this pair is loaded with the best features as well, allowing you to fully enjoy your game with utmost comfort and convenience.


  • Made of synthetic leather upper that is lightweight and offers excellent performance and protection
  • Features a low profile stealth cleat.
  • Equipped with the exclusive BOA lacing system.
  • Midsole are made of EVA.
  • Comes with a PU sock liner that provides maximum cushioning for superior performance.
  • Includes a two year waterproof warranty.

So as you can see, this new pair of golf shoes from Adidas is truly equipped with the best features and the latest technology in golf, allowing you to enjoy the best experience in your game. And as mentioned, this pair features a lightweight leather material which means that it is definitely not a pain to wear.

Remember that in your game, comfort is the key. If you check out the reviews written for this footwear, most of the reviews have praised the shoes for its excellent performance in the field. So if you want to be able to excel in your game, while enjoying comfort at the same time, then this is the best shoes to invest in.

3.    Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Comfort Golf Shoe

Aside from the Aero Golf Shoe, another pair of footwear that Callaway has recently released in the market is the Chev Comfort Golf Shoes. From the name itself, this footwear is certainly a perfect choice if you want a comfortable pair of shoes to wear in the golf course. Indeed, these shoes are equipped with features that provide utmost comfort to the wearer.

But other than comfort, the Chev Comfort Golf Shoe also delivers the best traction performance as well to maximize your game performance and keep your stance strong. And as what Callaway is known for, this pair of shoes is definitely one of the most stylish footwear in the market.


  • Upper is made of soft microfiber leather.
  • Features a lightweight EVA comfortable midsole that ensures long lasting comfort and maximum performance.
  • Features spikes that are made of all rubber engineered traction system.
  • Comes with the Callaway exclusive comfortable inserts for maximum step-in comfort.
  • Features beveled slopes for strength and durability.
  • Directional swing traction lug helps to maximize performance.
  • Features a permanent traction outsole.

With all the great features that the Callaway Chev Comfort Golf Shoes are equipped with, it’s no wonder why this pair is among the leading pair of golf footwear in the market now. Indeed, if you search for these shoes online, you will find that it has gained quite a lot of excellent reviews from customers. This is all because of the excellent comfort and great performance that this footwear brings, which is what every golfer would need to help them excel on their sport.

4.    2015 Stuburt Terrain Leather Golf Waterproof Boots Men’s Winter Shoes

Stuburt may be a brand that is not that familiar to you, but this UK based company is actually known for offering the best waterproof boots in the industry of golf. One of the best products that they have released in the market recently is this Stuburt Terrain Leather Golf footwear. It’s waterproof and is certainly the best shoes to wear during those wet winter months when you’re tempted to play golf.

But aside from its waterproof feature, another thing that makes this footwear to stand out is its stylish design. As a matter of fact, this footwear is being worn for casual outings as well and not just in the golf course.


  • Features EVA Midsole and a full rubber outsole.
  • Uppers are made of lightweight leather material.
  • Features a padded tongue and color that provides maximum comfort
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Features a waterproof membrane system so your feet will stay dry even when playing under the rain.

Despite being new in the market, the Stuburt Terrain Leather Golf boots have already earned a lot of great reviews online. In fact, it’s one of the highest rated products in Amazon. As you can see, it comes with the best features that provide maximum comfort to any golfer and not only that, this pair will make you to stand out as well, with its stylish and chic design. But the best thing of all is that this pair of shoes is very affordable.

5.    FootJoy Men’s FJ City 56419 Golf Shoes

FootJoy is another brand that stands out when it comes to golf shoes and other golf equipment and clothing. The company is known for manufacturing the best footwear in the market with its signature street style design, perfect for every type of golfer out there.

They have stylish shoes for men and women, but one of the latest pairs among their golf shoes line is the Men’s FJ City 56419 Golf Shoes. This pair of shoes has earned a lot of excellent reviews online and as a matter of fact, the pair is one of the best rated products in Amazon.


  • Upper is made of premium full grain leather material.
  • Features a lightweight and cushioned fit bed for maximum comfort.
  • Dampens shock when you walk in the golf course.
  • Provides maximum underfoot comfort and excellent heel support.
  • Standard size that fits well across instep and forefoot.
  • Features Pulsar Cleats from Softspikes.
  • Features a slightly narrow heel.

If you want a pair of golf shoes that you can wear not just in the golf course but for casual outings as well, this footwear from FootJoy is highly recommended for you. With its street style design, this pair of shoes is truly stylish and will sure to make you stand out in the golf course. But aside from its one of a kind design, this footwear is also known for its excellent features that provide maximum comfort to the player. So if your idea of a golf shoes is both stylish and comfortable, then the FJ City is just the perfect footwear for you.

6.    Adidas Men’s Pure360 Golf Shoe

Another great quality product that Adidas has recently released in the market is the Pure 360 men’s golf shoe. This pair of shoes is lightweight, giving you utmost comfort in the golf course. Aside from that, this footwear is packed with the best features and the most innovative technology to help any type of golfer to excel in their game. It’s engineered with a hybrid outsole and features 24 gripmore cleats with 162 points of contact, allowing you to achieve excellent grip. Moreover, the shoes is designed with the 360 Wrap technology exclusive to Adidas, and this feature provides locked in support allowing you to generate more power in the field.


  • 24 gripmore cleats from toe to heel that offers incredible cushioning, grip and versatility.
  • 360 wrap technology delivers 360-degree support right in the heel and mid foot.
  • Adiwear outsole that offers on and off course versatility.
  • CloudFoam sock liner for excellent cushioning.
  • Comes with PU bonded overlays that provide additional stability and protection.
  • EVA mid sole provides maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • Features a 360 wrap support system for maximum stability.
  • Features Adiwear outsole that offers excellent balance to traction, flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Innovative ClimaProof weather protection that delivers a hundred percent water proof protection.
  • Upper features a seamless mesh material.

Indeed, you can never beat Adidas when it comes to creating the best footwear in the market and this Pure 360 men’s golf shoe is a proof of their ability to create a truly outstanding product that will not only provide comfort to the golfer, but offer maximum protection as well, allowing them to perform at their best. With these high tech features and innovative technology, it’s no wonder why the Adidas Pure 360 has earned excellent ratings online.

7.    Nike Golf Men’s Lunar Mont Royal High Performance Golf Shoe

Nike is another brand that people associate with excellent quality products, especially when it comes to sportswear and accessories. The Lunar Mont Royal is perfect for men who want stylish looking footwear to help them on their game. The shoes’ beautiful heritage inspired style will certainly make you to stand out in the golf course. But other than the style, this pair of footwear is being praised for offering maximum performance and comfort. The full length Lunarlon cushioning of the shoe delivers a smooth ride, while the integrated waffle sole provides incredible grip and maximum control.


  • Upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh.
  • Comes with the full length Nike exclusive Lunarlon foam cushioning.
  • Made of durable rubber material for excellent traction.
  • The Lunarlon Foam cushioning offers excellent ground feel with lightweight comfort.
  • Exclusively designed using a high tech pressure mapping analysis.
  • Delivers maximum grip through its iconic tread pattern.

The Nike Lunar Mont Royal Golf Shoe is the kind of shoe that makes head turns. Wearing this footwear will sure to make you to stand out in your game. Aside from its beautiful design, this footwear is also famous for having the best features and technology, which is what Nike is known for. And because it is from Nike, you can guarantee excellent quality and performance and it is for this reason why this pair is among the best rated products in Amazon.

8.    Ogio 2014 Sport Spikes Golf Shoes

Ogio is another brand of footwear that is known for producing the best quality designer bags and shoes featuring unique styling infused with innovative features. When it comes to golf shoes, Ogio is also one brand that will truly stand out.

In fact, one of its new products, the Ogio Sport Spikes Golf Shoes, is earning a lot of positive reviews online and has earned excellent ratings as well. This pair of golf shoes features a lotus spike technology that provides maximum traction and support. The product is highly durable as well and is very comfortable to wear.


  • Made of leather and mesh upper.
  • Features the exclusive SynkFit technology which is a high grade and antimicrobial memory foam in the insole that allows the golfer’s foot to stay settled, providing maximum comfort and a more aggressive swing.
  • Features a unique air flow system which is a breathable ventilation system that allows the Evapolite Moisture tech membrane to release wicked moisture and heat coming from the inside of the shoes.
  • Features the Lateral Torsion Stabilizer which is a combination of side rail supports that are fused right into the sole, working along with an upper wrap in order to minimize lateral movement of the front foot.
  • Features the Champ Lotus Technology, a spike technology that is made of a three material design with innovative cushion layering.

With its outstanding features, it’s no wonder why the Ogio Sport Spikes Golf Shoes is one of the shoes that truly stands out in the market right now. The best thing about this footwear is that it is surprisingly affordable even if it is packed with the best features and technology, something that you would often expect on expensive brands of golf shoes.

9.    Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Another pair of shoes that Adidas has recently released in the market is the Adicross III Spike-less Golf Shoe. It features a casual and athletic design, allowing you to wear the shoes off the course. This footwear is designed for any on the go golfer, who prefers to have a shoe that they can wear from the golf course to casual outings.

Aside from its athletic design, the shoes feature an engineered lightweight technology, which makes it very comfortable to wear. And as expected from Adidas, this footwear is packed with excellent features.


  • Water resistant leather and mesh upper.
  • Features the flexible Adiwear exclusive spike-less outsole with PureMotion construction.
  • Features a lightweight CloudFoam sock liner.
  • Comes with the Adiwear Outsole PureMotion construction which is an extremely durable rubber material.
  • Includes 100 strategically placed traction lugs that offer ultimate grip.
  • Offers optimal balance that result to abrasion resistance, great traction and flexibility.
  • Delivers on and off course versatility.
  • Personalized for ideal comfort and feel.

If style and comfort are two of the things that you are looking for in a pair of golf shoes, then the Adicross is the perfect footwear for you. As you can see, the shoes feature a beautiful stylish design that allows you to wear the shoes in any event, not only during your game in the course. Furthermore, it’s packed with innovative technology and features that help you to perform well on your game while giving you the comfort and protection that you need. All these traits have made the Adicross to become one of the best golf shoes to buy, earning excellent ratings online.

10.    Callaway Footwear Women’s Halo Pro Golf Shoe

For women who seem to have a hard time looking for the best pair of golf shoes to buy, then you will be glad to know that Callaway has created the footwear that is especially designed for you. The Callaway Women’s Halo Pro Golf Shoe is not only stylish, but it is loaded with great features as well, helping every woman golfer to be able to perform well on her game while enjoying utmost comfort and convenience. It has been completely redesigned to meet the needs of every woman golfer out there who wants to excel on their game.


  • Featuring a rubber sole for maximum protection.
  • Comes with outsole that’s made of rubber which is needed for maximum balance in the field and leads to high performance while providing lightweight comfort.
  • Completely redesigned to meet a woman’s need with reduced toe spring to fit a wide range of women golfers.
  • Features an Ortholite 3D comfort insole technology for maximum comfort.
  • Includes an ultra soft lightweight clarion microfiber upper that balances off a soft supple hand feel with maximum strength and durability, supporting even the strongest player.

Indeed, the Halo Pro Golf Shoe is ideal for every type of woman golfer, whether you are a beginner in golf or a pro. As you can see, it comes equipped with the best features that you need for your game. If you check out the reviews written for this footwear, a lot of customers have talked about this shoe as being very functional, comfortable and provides the best performance as well.

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