Golf Cart Heater – Reviews On Coleman, Heater Craft, And More!

A chilly winter can mess up a great game of golf. The same can still happen early mornings or late evenings when it is very cold. To really insulate you from the cold and to take full advantage of your game you may want to invest in a golf cart heater. Additionally, golf cart enclosures are also important to keep in the heat and act as a shield against rain, wind, and even incoming golf balls.

How to select the right Golf Cart Heater

The right golf cart heater can help you not only play longer, but a better game.  On top of that it will allow you to play in later into the season in comfort. How can you know which one is right for you?

In terms of types, you have two main options. One is the propane cylinder type of golf cart heater and the other is the electric type. Most golfers today prefer to use the more compact propane type because they are cheaper and require refilling after about seven hours of use. These units can be moved with you as you leave the vehicle and can even be used in other areas such as the garage or the boat.

Both are good choices, but you need to take the time to figure out which is best for you.

Coleman Golf Cart Heater

The Coleman Golf Cart Heater is a leading choice among Golf Cart Accessories that makes the golfing season last well into the next season. The good thing is that this Golf Cart can also be used away from the golf course, in your shop, garage, and ball games or for emergency heat

  • Portable Heater capable of producing 3,000 BTUs
  • Uniquely designed to fit universally into most cup holders within the golf cart, to help warm passengers in late autumn outings or early spring. There are also heated seat covers that a golfer can use for more warmth!
  • Generates warmth without a flame and at a quiet whisper, due to platinum catalytic heating technology.
  • This technology enables it raise up to the highest of 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Uses a 16.4 ounce disposable standard propane cylinder that is capable of providing up to seven hours of warmth!
  • If the unit is accidentally tipped over the fuel system will help regulate flow and stop flare-ups.

However, you must beware of the fact that even with the cup holder adaptor they do not necessarily fit well in all golf carts.

Golf Cart Portable Propane Catalytic Heater

Stay warm with this Golf Cart heater on a chilly day. Golf Cart heaters will help you stay warm during the frigid weather of the winter months. The portable heater is all about convenience and utilizes a propane cylinder when an electrical outlet is not available!

This golf cart heater fits inside most cup holders to provide warmth in the cart when you are not putting on the green. The battery InstaStart ignition provides easy and quick lighting without a match. Capable of operating from propane cylinder of 16.4 ounces for up to 7 hours! This portable heater includes a carry case and wire stand.

A downside with this unit is that over time (within a year) the bouncing around in the cart causes the inner parts of the heater to loosen up.

It works great in temperatures above 32 degree in an open cart to keep your hands warm in between shots on the golf course. On the internet, you can find many recommendations for Golf Cart Portable Propane Catalytic Heater. It is definitely something worth having.

Heater Craft G200x Golf Cart Heater

This heater outperforms many other brands both in quality and price. It is perfect on fall days or icy mornings. The features include:

  • It packs big heat in a small package, capable of producing flameless 4,500 BTU/h.
  • Ready for customer installation with a universal mounting bracket, flush mount faceplate or under dash.
  • Lightweight and compact with exceptional user reviews
  • Comes ready to be installed with universal mounting bracket, flush mount faceplate or under dash.
  • The heater is cost effective.. The unit is not plastic, it is metal, meaning it should last throughout your golfing lifetime

Moreover, they cannot even be compared to propane heaters and you will not have to worry about replacement bottles or running out. By using the electricity it is a more safer and functional heater. Due to its consistent warmth when compared to propane’s “humid heat” and unsafe in cases of a spill or contact to the skin

You can also use your cart around the golf neighborhood

It is very rugged and built to last. Most consumer reviews confirm that this is one exceptional heater with great value. I would definitely recommend it to new buyers.

Golf Cart Heaters – Pros and Cons

There is a wide range of compact golf cart heaters available in the market. Normally, the mid-sized and small sized heaters use propane as fuel. In addition, in the case of expensive heaters, they are fueled by the main electrical circuit that is present in the golf cart. Stainless steel or other materials are used for manufacturing small heaters. They are mounted on the dashboard. These cart heaters can be used throughout the winter months.

You do not have to a lot of investigating to see some of the downfalls or propane heaters, one being a major case where a leaking propane tank destroyed 140 gold carts. A quick search on Google or another search engine will bring up reports of similar cases.  The issue is not the smaller tanks, but the 2 gallon and larger tanks that usually have a hose running up to the front heating burner due to the being mounted in the rear.

Heaters that are electric utilize either 36 or 48 volts however some will inconveniently require a fan wire, this separate wire should always have a fuse cable for safety reasons.

Some heaters go through what is known as a “warm-up” phase in which they take a few minutes while the heating elements fully heat up and being to operate  Some other units have what is known as instant-heat and that is when it is at full capacity within seconds.

To make the most out of your heater, your golf cart should be enclosed.  Furthermore any enclosure air leaks should be plugged up, especially around the windshield. Most of the electric heaters draw fifteen to twenty amps on high, compared to the 100 or more amps the engine draws, you can get a good 36 holes in with good batteries.

The importance of golf car heaters can be envisaged in the fact that they have become an accessory that cannot be avoided especially so when it involves the comfort of the user.

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