The Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Playing a round of golf at night might sound like a comedian’s joke, but in fact it is now possible to play any time day or night using glow in the dark balls. Ardent golfers might think these are novelty golf balls and would not even consider playing with them, but tennis players probably felt the same when they introduced yellow balls instead of the traditional white and yellow balls on the tennis court are now the norm.

It makes sense to play golf at night, it is a good way to relax after working long hours in the office and in the winter months it gets dark so early those in full-time employment were restricted to play at weekends until the introduction of night golf balls.

LED Golf Balls

There are different types of glow in the dark balls, the American company, Night Sports USA has produced LED golf balls which light up when you hit them and remain lit for eight minutes so you have time to get to them to play your next shot. The company also produces illuminated golf tees, markers and flags.

When a number of players are using these balls at the same time the golf course bears a strong similarity to a night club as they come in four different colors. When they are hit an arc of colored light shoots up into the sky giving the same effect as lasers.

Although the company produced them to give golfers a bit of fun they do play like normal golf balls with one exception, they float in water so they can be easily retrieved. Each ball has a battery life of forty hours so you can get several nights play from one ball.

Some people are now arranging glow in the dark golf tournaments to raise money for charity or as a business team bonding exercise. Each player is given a glow necklace to wear so they can be seen easily and if they are playing in a team each team is allocated a color which is why the LED golf balls are good as they come in four different colors.

Pros and cons of LED golf balls


  • Look like a normal golf ball when not lit
  • Come in four different colors.
  • Lights up when hit and remains lit for eight minutes
  • Floats on water
  • Long battery life


  • Ten ounces heavier than normal balls
  • They can damage clubs that are made of hollow metal, wood or has a thin face as they are rock hard.

Glow Stick golf balls

The other type of night golf balls are glow-stick balls which are translucent and you insert a glow stick inside them to illuminate them.

The 1.5 inch insert glows brightly for 4-6 hours so the balls are easy to find. The sticks stay firmly in the golf balls and they do not have to be hit in any particular way. The balls are made in one piece so the glow stick can be inserted and they tend to be very hard.

Pros and cons of glow stick balls


  • Fun to play with
  • Glow lasts 4-6 hours in the translucent ball
  • Sticks stays firmly in the ball as made in one piece to hold it.
  • Ball does not have to be hit in any particular way.


  • The balls tend to be rock hard to hold the stick firmly and can damage your club
  • The balls do not fly as far as normal golf balls
  • Sometimes it is hard to push the glow stick right into the ball

The Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

The best glow in the dark golf balls are based on the opinions of players who enjoy night golf and have tried several of these night balls in an attempt to find the ones they liked the best.

1. Glow Tour V2

According to a number of golfers these are the best glow in the dark golf balls on the market. Not only are they made to the highest quality, but they will not harm your golf clubs!

The lighting comes from the urethane skin so the ball lights up when it is placed on the UV charger for a minute. It gives a bright glow for eight minutes and a lesser glow for six hours afterwards.

It is the first night ball to have a true 90 compression core rating which gives it a natural bounce off the club.

Golfers who have played with the Glow Tour V2 say it is the best ball they have ever hit and it outplays all the LED and glow stick golf balls.

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2 .Night Flyer golf balls

These balls come in a choice of glow stick or LED night balls but unlike the other glow stick balls they are not rock hard, they are just one-tenth of an ounce more than your normal golf ball.

They match the regulation size and the glow stick balls provide a glowing light throughout the game so are easy to find. They come in a choice of colors, red, blue, yellow, green or the traditional white and you can purchase one ball to see if you like it before you pay out for a pack.

The miniature glow sticks come with the balls, are easy to insert and glow brightly for the entire game, to activate them you simply bounce them on a hard surface.

The newest in the Night Flyer range is the professional tournament LED golf balls in white which look exactly the same as an ordinary ball before they are lit up. They have a built-in computerized timer to keep the ball illuminated for ten minutes and will light up again next time you hit the ball.

Golfers love these balls as when they are unlit you cannot distinguish them from normal balls. They like the fact each ball has its own LED and battery which makes it last for several rounds. The ten minutes it remains illuminated allows them plenty of time to find their ball even if it has landed in the woods.

There are a number of glow in the dark golf balls on the market as night golf has really taken off, but these are the best ones around.

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