FootJoy Mens FJ Sport Spikeless Golf Shoes: From a Brand You can Trust

FootJoy is a great maker of golfing shoes; spikeless or not. Because of this, their products had been a favorite of many golfers who look for high quality yet affordable golfing shoes. Another addition to their collection of high quality waterproof golf shoes is Mens FJ Sport Spikeless Golfing Shoe. This is a great pair that anyone can wear inside and outside the course.

Because it is spikeless, you can wear it even when you are not playing. This is a total money and time saver since you do not need to change shoes after playing.

Why Go Spikeless with FootJoy

FootJoy always provides their customers with excellent products that are made from high quality materials. Because of this, many of their patrons are loyal to their products for a very long time now. Some loyal customers can’t remember the date they bought their last pair of FootJoy shoes because it had been quite a long time ago. Many say that their last pair lasted a couple of years before they needed to replace their old one.

Here are some of the features of  Mens FJ Sport Spikeless Golfing Footwear by FootJoy that you will certainly like:

  • Features and Advantages
  • Great Fit

Because of the EVA-Fit bed of the shoe, the fit is great. It is snug enough to not get loose while you are playing but loose enough so that your feet won’t hurt even after hours of walking on the links.

The cushioning of the shoe is great so you won’t feel any hard corners inside, which is advantageous especially if you are always doing several rounds each time you play.

  • Proofguard Waterproof Membrane

The Proofguard Waterproof Membrane makes this golfing shoe totally waterproof. Because of this, you will be able to play even when it is raining. The two-year waterproof warranty of the shoe will ensure that you will have dry socks and feet even after playing in the muddy and wet grass.

  • External Heel Stabilizer

You don’t need to worry about slipping or losing control when you walk or swing because the External Heel Stabilizer feature will ensure that the shoe will have enough traction to make you stay in place. Despite being spikeless, this shoe will certainly prevent you from slipping.

  • What Other People Say

A lot of FootJoy customers say that this is a great shoe and people who love playing during rainy seasons ought to get a pair. Some recommend that you get one that is half a size bigger to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit.


Mens FootJoy Sport Spikeless Golfing Footwear is one of the best spikeless shoes that you will find online and offline. Make sure that you check this out when you shop for golfing footwear. The waterproof system and warranty will surely be among its advantages among its peers. Along with that, the price is also undeniably unbeatable. Just ranging from less than sixty to a hundred and twenty bucks, this shoe is a sure winner.

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