ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe

The ECCO shoes brand is known for its quality, durability and design. Among the products that they are most popular about is golf shoes. So, if you think that you now need to replace your old pair of golfing footwear, there is the ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe that you can consider. The pair is also a nice option as a second, extra pair. With quality, durability and design guaranteed in every ECCO shoe, you can make sure that buying a pair would be an excellent decision.

Who Could Buy / Benefit from this Product?

ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe is a pair of athletic footwear made for sporty use. It can be concluded that it can be bought by any consumer looking for comfortable golfing shoes that can help with their performance. But, this part of ECCO shoes is not only beneficial for golfing players. It can also benefit people who want to have a pair that they can bring with them when on business trips. ECCO golf shoes are not only comfortable, but also provide stability and firm grip for you to be able to drive extensive shots too. It offers the kind of the comfort you need for the shoes you use every day.

Product Description

This pair from ECCO is designed for true performance. It comes with the comfort and stability factors you need. Made in synthetic and leather, it made the footwear ideal for both golfing and business. It has that street-smart sensibilities look combined with a cool contrast as well a secure lace up fit. It features a man-made sole with a super grip that keeps you firmly grounded. This is feature helps you experience that carefree walking without worrying about any slipping incident. Wearing this pair can keep your poise and confidence.

Product Features

  • ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe is made from synthetic and leather. It is a combination that enables that formal loom while comfort is still present.
  • The sole unit of this ECCO shoes is anatomically shaped.
  • The leather used in the making the pair of shoes is treated with Hydromax. This treatment enables the shoes to resist moisture efficiently.
  • The traction bars of the item are molded. The feature just adds to keeping your confidence and poise intact beginning from the tee up to the green.


Many of the customers who bought the product loved that it is very comfortable. It is an attractive pair of golf shoes. It was told that wearing the item made them receive nice comments. The item is built with no hard spikes. It assures that users would not have to suffer from a sore spot on their feet after a long time of using it.

Though the item was not advertised as a waterproof one, users said that they did not experience any leaks with it. It is a benefit since as what one of the users said, leaks were not present even with the grass having lots of dews. Thus, you can make sure that even if the golf course is filled with dews, your shoes will remain dry. Users have commented that there was no incidence when they slipped when they hit the ball. It is even nice to walk around wearing them going to a restaurant or at home. The item does not only let you feel comfortable while making your shots. It can also help in improving your game.


There were two issues that users found with ECCO BIOM Hybrid Golfing Shoe. The first one is the price since it does not come cheap. However, as what one of the customers stated, the product was worth buying even with its price tag. The other issue was the size of the shoes. This shoe does not come in half sizes, which requires people to stick with the size closest to what theirs is. For example, if your feet’s size is 9.5, what you would have to get is size 44.

Customer Review and Scores

There were 174 customers who reviewed ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golfing Shoe. 143 of them gave a rate of 5 stars and 16 of them gave a 4-star rate. With all the rates provided, the item obtained a 4.7-star rate. Many of the users commented that this ECCO shoe is a good pair and a very comfortable one.


Based on the comments provided by the users of ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe, it can be concluded that it is the best shoes you can buy. For the hobby that you have, this one can be the best that you can wear. It can serve as golf shoes for your routine golf performances and it can also be a nice pair for running.

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