Why Are ECCO Golf Shoes So Stylish?

ECCO golf shoes are stylish sporty foot wear that boasts a lot of other extras. It has a pure leather upper part and its foot bed is 18-holes comfortable. The lining is very smooth and breathable and its insole is cushioned. To ensure comfort, they are made with a PU mid-sole that absorb walk shocks and the laces make it easy for the wearer to have a personal fit. Ecco shoes are now manufactured throughout Europe and Asia but the company was founded in Denmark in 1963.while most companies make attractive and comfortable golf shoes, Ecco makes them obstructive and to give you amazing traction so you feel like you are wearing running shoes. This is important especially for people who walk a lot on the golf course.

Tips to Wear Ecco Golf Shoes

  • Because they consider comfort and traction when making them, the shoes are bigger at any size and you might experience some digging in of the shoe. However the laces are made to correct that. You should re-lace them with the lace entering the eyelet from the bottom and don’t tighten them.
  • Ecco golf shoes lack spikes so you feel like you are lower on the ground. Wear them a few minutes before or from home so you get used to the light weight and comfort.

ECCO Golf ShoesTips to Select Ecco Golf Shoes

  • They are made in European size so they are always bigger. Buy a half or an inch smaller than your normal shoe size.
  • Always try the shoe at the store before you buy to make sure you have the right fit.
  • Select a color and a design that is multipurpose so you don’t have to carry extra shoes on your golf trip. Match them with your outfits so you can wear them on the streets too.
  • Select two or more pairs that don’t look alike to be alternating to enhance hygiene and maintenance.
  • If you are buying them online select a half size smaller. Also because Ecco shoes are a bit pricy order the online so you can claim discounts and coupons.

Tips to Clean and Maintain Ecco Golf Shoes

  • While these golf shoes are very strong and long lasting, caring for them will make them last even longer. Use cedar shoe trees in them, it draws the sweat out of them so they won’t remain dump and get mold and also keep them in shape.
  • Always clean your shoes after every game by just wiping them with a towel. This will get rid of some moisture and mud and also the chemicals on the golf course.
  • Have the shoe professionally cleaned every now and then like for example after ten or fifteen games. The jockey will clean them with products and apply lotion and protectants to keep the leather soft and supple hence prolonging its life span.

Ecco golf shoes are made for comfort, durability, breath-ability and elegance. By choosing the right fit and taking good care of them you can have the shoe serve you for many many years saving you a lot of money and time.

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