Crocs Golf Shoes: Review – The Most Comfortable Pair?

As one of the world leaders in providing innovative footwear for men and women of all ages, Crocs offered new shoe collections last 2012 (Crocs Golf-shoes 2012), marking the company’s 10th anniversary. Crocs golf shoes became a hit after being featured in the 2012 PGA show. Unlike the first shoe collections of Crocs, the golfing shoes really hit the spot of becoming what most people want in footwear – sleek design and comfortable form.

Dissecting Crocs Golfing Shoes

Crocs Golf-Shoes Hank HaneyIf you didn’t like the “crocish” look of the early Crocs footwear designs, you’ll love what the new Crocs golf footwear have become when it comes style and form factor, retaining its “crocs” vibe. The shoes are available in different versions, including the wing-tip and black version. The best sellers of the new Crocs shoe collection include the Men’s Preston Golf Shoes and the Bradyn Golf Shoes for men and women. If you prefer saddle-like forms, you can go for the XTG LoPro Sandal collection.

While the outside part of Crocs golfing footwear pretty much resembles the form factor of other brands (although Crocs have more innovative designs), it’s a different story when it comes to the insides of the shoes. The insoles provide a massage-like feel that may help you a lot when you are standing and walking for longer hours in the golf course. When you wear the shoes, you’ll also have a springy sensation like what you feel when you wear new running shoes.

Crocs Golf Shoes

Choosing the Right Fit

Almost all shoe brands promise to provide a comfortable fit for consumers, but it’s still up to you whether you’re going to choose a roomy or tight pair. It’s very important to know the right size for your feet – you can do this by examining shoe size tables. Crocs golf footwear provide three kinds of fitting for every user. Instead of choosing a bigger size to have some room for your feet, you can choose from the roomy, relaxed, and standard fits.

  • Roomy Fit

The roomy fit is the widest fit the Crocs provide for consumers. You can choose this fit if you don’t want your toes touching the front of the footwear. Since the roomy shoe might slip with its roomy size, this kind of footwear is often equipped with back straps.

  • Relaxed Fit

Unlike the roomy fit, this kind of shoe fitting provides a smaller room and a more secure feel. The sides of your feet, along with your toes, might touch the shoe walls, but it can still provide some room for a more relaxed fit. With this kind of shoe fitting, you can still have some wiggle room in front of the shoe.

  • Standard Fit

The standard fit provides a secure fit unlike the roomy and relaxed fit. Although the shoe fitting is secure, it’s still comfortable. There’s a little wiggle room in front area of the shoe, but the entire shoe hugs your entire feet comfortably.

Crocs for Golf

Crocs golf shoes are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit with a design to reduce muscle fatigue, which is important for the golf course. For long hours in the field, you won’t have to take unnecessary breaks just because of sprains or muscle pains. The circulation nubs also help a lot for improved endurance. Here are some of the things that make this shoe perfect for golf and casual wear.

  • The pressure from your lower body part, including your knees and legs, is taken away by the shock-absorbing sole.
  • The materials are odor and bacteria-resistant.
  • The heel strap equipped in the shoes provides better support to prevent slips.
  • Lastly, Crocs golf shoes don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Design and Functionality

Aside from the insides, the soles contribute a lot to the overall feature of their footwear. The sole color for example, matches the accent color of the entire golf shoe. When you walk on the golf field, you will hear a nice gripping sound of the sole spikes. You might think that it might be awkward to use for casual events. Surprisingly, Crocs golf shoes don’t give a weird feel when you walk on solid pavement.

If you visit the Crocs company website, you’ll find that there are many designs to choose from. The color available includes white, black, blue, and brown. Newer products are featured in different color matches, like the Preston’s golfing shoe collection available in light and dark brown accents. You can also choose from spiked and everyday comfort footwear.

Crocs Golf-shoes for Men

How much do Golf Crocs Shoes Cost?

The price of the Crocs Golfing Shoes ranges from $69 to $129. Their pricing puts them in the same class as many Nike Golf Shoes. The Preston and Bradyn shoe collections are already available at a discounted price. Purchasing from the Crocs website will also allow you to receive a gift with the use of voucher codes.

Croc Golf-shoes Review

Buying Golf Shoes

Croc Golf Shoes WomenSo, what are the things that you have to consider in buying a golfing shoe? If you’re serious about bringing out your A-game in the field, you might want to focus on design and functionality first before you become more concerned about the price. A standard pair can go around $300 these days. This makes Crocs golf footwear the more affordable choice.

Of course, it’s very important to find a perfect fit to avoid injuries as you play. If you’re just playing golf as a hobby, like about once or twice a month, the $300 golfing footwear might not be a good choice. When you decide to buy golfing footwear in your area, make sure you do it in the afternoon since you feet is actually smaller in the morning.

Ladies Croc Golf-shoesCrocs are great for serious and casual golfers out there who also want to look fashionable on the field. Looking for the most comfortable footwear? Well, Crocs has a wide range of products and fittings for men and woman of all ages. It’s probably safe to say that¬†Crocs is providing the most comfortable footwear. If you want to check out the latest collections of Crocs, you can visit updated product listings on the company website.

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