A Complete Guide To Buying Womens Golf Shoes

Buying womens golf shoes is like buying regular shoes. Women will consider the style and the price of the golf shoes that they want to buy, just like other kinds of shoes. But there are also some different things to consider when buying womens golfing attire. Aside from the style and the price, comfort is another big criterion that ladies must consider when choosing a good pair of golfing footwear. There are also other factors that needed to be mulled over; thus, buying womens golf shoes is a much more complex process than just purchasing a stiletto.

Buying Womens Golfing Footwear

Womens Golf ShoesFor the ladies who want to know more about a golf shoe and how to buy one that best suits your needs and taste, read on. Listed below are the things that you need to consider when buying womens golf shoes, which will help you choose one that will not only give you comfort but will also improve your game.


The golf shoe comes in different styles. There are classic golfing footwear, sandals and boot style footwear. All of these sytles differ in use.


Classic golfing footwear is used in most weather conditions as they are breathable, water-resistant and comfortable to wear.


Sandals, on the other hand, are mostly used in warm weather as they are quite breathable.


Boots are used in cold and wet weather as they are highly water-proof and warm.

Buying Guide

Ecco Women's Golf-ShoesBefore you buy womens golf shoes, make sure that you will know which style you would need for your regular golfing sessions. If you like playing during rainy seasons, you might want to choose classic or boot style of footwear. But if you love the sun, you might want to try out sandals.


Golfing footwear are usually made from leather as this material is quite versatile. Womens footwear that are made from leather can be used during all kinds of weather as they are waterproof and breathable at the same time.

The linings that are used at the inside of golfing footwear differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the most common linings are waterproof lining and polyester lining. These linings make it possible for shoes to protect your feet from rain and cold weather.

Buying Guide

FootJoy Women's Golf-ShoesSo, when choosing womens golf shoes, choose one that has a good lining on the inside and good quality leather on the outside to ensure your comfort. Most leather footwear are pricey but they are worth every penny as they are truly durable, comfortable and efficient in protecting your feet.


Most womens golfing footwear have spikes so that the wearer would not slip on turf. There are two kinds of spikes that you can choose from: metal spikes or plastic spikes.


Metal spikes are less common nowadays as many courses have banned using them because they damage turf far worse than plastic spikes. They are also not that comfortable to wear because they feel hard on the foot. Although, many pro golfers are still using them as they are great at giving more traction.


Plastic spikes are now more popular as they are more comfortable to wear. Aside from that, they do not damage the turf so much, which makes them more preferred by course owners.
Plastic spikes are also more common on womens golf shoes as they are more comfortable to wear. These spikes are wider, which enable them to spread the weight of the wearer evenly, making the foot more relaxed.

Buying Guide

Golf Sandals for WomenIt is ideal to check with your favorite golf course what spikes they allow on their courses so that you won’t buy something that you won’t be able to use. Also, check the type of fastening that your chosen shoe have so that you can buy the right type of replacement spikes when you need to replace them.

During winter, metal spikes on womens golf shoes are the best as they offer more traction. So, be sure to ask your preferred golf course if they allow metal spikes during winter so that you can buy shoes that have metal spikes for comfort and safety.

Additional Tips On Buying Womens Golf Shoes

Comfortable Fit

Discount Women's Golf-ShoesWhenever you need to buy a womens golfing shoe, make sure that you feel comfortable with the fit. Not just because golfing shoe look great doesn’t mean that they fit well too. Try on the footwear that you like and walk on them for several yards to see if they do not hurt your feet. If you are ordering online, it’s best to read reviews about your preferred shoe to make sure that most of the users find it comfortable.


Most leather footwear that are manufactured by high-end brands have one to two years waterproof warranty. And though they are more expensive, you can be sure about their quality. So, it would be best to buy an expensive pair of womens golf shoes than buy several cheap ones that won’t last a couple of games.


Ladies Golf-ShoesGolfing footwear comes in hundreds and even thousands of styles, especially womens golf shoes. Do not be afraid to experiment on the looks and choose one that you are comfortable with; one that will show your personality. Do not buy trendy styles that you do not really feel like wearing.

It is okay to follow what’s trendy but make sure that you choose a style that fits your personality and not other people’s opinion.


Women's Golf-Shoes CloseoutsMost womens golfing footwear that are durable, comfortable and fashionable are pricey, but you can try experimenting on more affordable ones also. Just make sure that you research about the brand and see if their products are of high quality also, even if they’re inexpensive.

Conclusion On Womens Golf Shoes

Nike Golf ShoesIt’s not a bad idea to experiment on womens golf shoes so long that you are not sacrificing your comfort for the sake of style and price of the shoe that you are wearing. Try finding great deals so that you can have hard-wearing, comfortable and weatherproof golfing shoe for an affordable price.

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