Why Should You Buy True Golf Shoes?

When it comes to golf shoes, comfort is one of (if not the most) important features for most players. Nothing is worse than golfing a few holes to have your feet start hurting. The folks at TRUE Linkswear kept this feature in mind when they designed their line of golf shoes. Many of the big brands in golf apparel have over-engineered the golf shoe and made it very complicated. TRUE Linkswear is bringing the simple back.

The guys at TRUE Linkswear are focused on one thing. Bringing you the best golf experience. One way they accomplish this is that they make Golfing a mandatory activity for all employees. This way everyone can be focused on the experience, instead of the job.

True Golf Shoes – Features:

  • Full Grain Leather – Waterproof – 1 year guarantee
  • Extremely light (lighter than any other golf shoe on the PGA Tour)
  • Comfort – feels like your favorite pair of slippers
  • The heel is fitted with memory foam which keeps it comfortable
  • “Toe Box” to allow your toes to move independently from the rest of your feet
  • Ergo Traction – special tread that creates the right amount of grip to keep your feet in place
  • Shoe lining is made out of a special Temperature Control material (keep it cool)

True Golf Shoes

How Comfortable Are True Golf Shoes?

The folks at TRUE Linkswear say that their shoes feel like a old pair of slippers, and most users agree with them. You can easily wear them from your house to the course. They don’t have spikes, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. If you plan on taking a long walk before or after golfing, then I would put on a different pair of shoes, no need to wear out your golf shoes when you could put on a pair of sneakers.

A good pair of blister free footwear are the first thing you should purchase. Many golfers make the mistake of buying a cheap pair, and end up discouraged because they get sore feet with blisters. (I too have made this mistake…) True golf shoes are ready to go after you buy them, no need to break them in. Get your shoes and hit the course.

True Linkswear for Sale

Are True Golf Shoes Stylish?

Modern golfing footwear don’t have the same look as the “old school shoe”. True golf shoes look like a cross between bowling shoes and Keen’s (due to the wide toe design). The design is fresh and new, and your dad might think they are made for “whipper snappers” but you can be sure that you will be stylish on the course.

TRUE Linkswear has several standard color combos. They are: Black/White, White/Brown, White/Black, all black, all brown, and all white. They do have a lot of other color combo’s as well. Some of the shoe look a lot like a standard sneaker, but they are designed for gofling. Keep in mind that there are True Golf Shoes for Women as well.

True Golf Shoes

How Do True Golf Shoes Perform?

When it comes to performance, you need to look at two things: traction and stability. Many users have commented that True Golf Shoes are amazing to use on indoor golfing mats. They don’t have spikes (rubber or metal), so you can easily use them indoors.

When it comes to outdoor play, many users commented that they had to get used to not having the spikes (standard feature for True Linkswear). Plus the shoe is very low profile, so you don’t have a lot of shoe between your feet and the grass. You will feel a difference when you walk and swing on the grass. It is not a bad thing, it is just a different feeling.

Most users comment that the True Golf Shoe almost has the same amount of traction as a shoe with spikes. If you spend a lot of time in the sand, than this footwear is made for you. Most people say that they can dig in easier with them.

How Much Are The True Linkswear’s?

The True sneaker is not the cheapest or the most expensive golfing footwear around. The run about $160 bucks, depending on where you get them. You can spend a lot more than this for a comparable shoe.



True Golf Shoe Reviews are almost unanimous about this golfing footwear. They are extremely unique and very high quality.  They will give you the comfort that you need when you are golfing. They are more expensive than the cheapest models, but you get what you pay for. If you want a golfing shoe that feels good, on and off the course, then you should get a pair of True Golf Shoes.

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