Spikeless Golf Shoes Review – Everything You Need To Know

Spikeless golf shoes are getting more and more popular nowadays. Despite the belief of some golf gear enthusiasts and manufacturers that spikeless shoes are just a fad, this kind of golf shoes had gained popularity among golfers from all over the world. That is because of the comfort and style that spikeless golfing footwear offers.

Spikeless golfing shoes are trendy and look more like street-wear than classic golf footwear that have metal or plastic spikes. Because of this, many golfers find them attractive. Aside from that, there are also some additional characteristics that make this kind of footwear preferred by golfers.

Why Golfers Choose Spikeless

Golfers choose spikeless footwear because of a lot of reasons. So if you are curious as to why you ought to try this new kind of golf footwear, read on.


Spikeless Golf ShoesSpikeless golf footwear is very fashionable. Because they often do not need fasteners for spikes, they are more visually appealing. The absence of large protruding spikes at the bottom of them also makes it more pleasant to look at. Thus, many golfers, men and women, are opting for this kind of golf footwear.

Because of their soles, which have nubs instead of spikes, they can be worn anywhere. Thus, golfers can go straight to wherever they want right after playing golf without having the need to change their footwear. Because of this, many golfers choose this kind during game play. They are also often worn as street footwear by many golfers and even non-golfers because of their style and the way they grip to the ground especially on slippery flooring.


Ecco Spikeless Golfing FootwearOne of the factors that made spikeless shoes sell is the comfort that it provides. Because these shoes have no hard spikes at the bottom, the soles of these shoes feel much softer and more comfortable for the wearer. Recreational and pro golfers opt for this kind of shoes whenever they play for long periods of time as these shoes do not hurt the feet.


Spikeless shoes are obviously lighter as they do not have metal or plastic spikes. Because of this, golfers can play golf for a whole day without hurting their feet. Golfers also don’t feel much tired by wearing spikeless shoes as they do not have to drag their feet around the golf course.


Nike Spikeless Golf ShoesEven though a spikeless golf shoe does not have spikes, they also provide great traction because of their especially designed soles. The nubs on the soles of spikeless footwear are specifically designed to support the foot and make the shoes connected to the ground when the golfer swings his club, making good traction, which enables the golfer to swing hard without slipping on the turf.

This is quite important as this will keep the golfer from getting injured. This is also significant as spikeless golfing shoes can greatly improve the performance of the golfer by enhancing the weight distribution of the golfer’s body weight to his feet.


Etonic Spikeless Golf ShoesCleaning and replacing spikes on golf footwear is one of the most hated chores for golfers. Because spikes on golfing footwear accumulate a lot of dirt during the game, most golfers needs to clean their feet right after game play, which is kind of frustrating to most.

Replacing spikes is also costly as you will have to buy replacements whenever you think that your old shoe spikes are not providing good traction anymore. Thus, aside from the irritating cleaning process, you will also have to spend cash on replacing spikes that make you feel uncomfortable.

But with spikeless golf shoes, golfers can get rid of the expenses that comes with replacing spikes. They also don’t have to spend hours cleaning their spikes, which will make their maintenance more convenient.

Also, golfers don’t need to change their footwear whenever they are done playing. They can go whenever they want wearing the spikeless versions, as these are fashionable enough to be worn anywhere. Thus, it saves golfers a lot of time, especially whenever they need to do some errands after golfing. Also, it saves them money as golfers do not need to buy a spare pair for their lockers so that they can wear street-wear versions after golfing.


Adidas Spikeless Golfing FootwearAnother great thing about spikeless golfing shoes is its price. This kind of golfing apparel is cheaper than classic golfing footwear because they do not have spikes at the bottom and often don’t need replaceable spikes. Because of this, spikeless models are far more affordable than golfing footwear with metal or replaceable spikes.

Even hybrid spikeless models, which can be worn with replaceable spikes, are cheaper than classic models that have spikes on them. Thus, golfers are able to buy a pair or two so that they can use them alternately.

Little to No Break In Period

Spikeless golf shoes need not be worn for a period of time to be more comfortable to wear. Because they are light and are intact in structure, they are more comfortable to wear even the first time. You do not need to ‘loosen’ them just to make them fit comfortably on your foot. This is great because you won’t suffer from blisters and any discomfort the first few times that you wear these spikeless wonders.


Because of the technology that has been incorporated in making spikeless golf shoes, they are deemed as some of the best golfing footwear today. Aside from being comfortable and ready to wear right out of the box, they are also super lightweight and can be worn every day. Because of this, spikeless golfing footwear are quite versatile, making them a great choice for people with a dynamic lifestyle.

If you want to experience comfort and style while playing golf or just strolling at the park or mall, you might want to try spikeless golf shoes. Aside from not having the need to buy another pair for casual duties, you will also save a lot of money because they are quite cheap compared to classic golfing footwear.

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