Baby Golf Shoes: Which Pair Should You Buy?

If your child is showing interest in the beautiful game of golf, you should encourage it. This means that you should make sure to invest in the right accessories and sportswear for them. When it comes to buying baby golf shoes, you need to consider a lot of important things. Remember that the footwear should help your kids to feel comfortable on their game, and it should also keep their focus on their game. As you know, the success of any golfer will also depend on the outfit worn as well as the equipment used.

Since more and more youngsters are showing interest in this game, you will find that a lot of shoe companies now would manufacture baby golf shoes. They are available in different designs and colors and some shoes will even come with features that can help them to improve on their game. To help you to decide on which pair you should buy for your little one, refer below for some of the best baby golf shoes in the market today.

Momo Baby Infant and Toddler Golf Shoes

Momo Baby Infant and Toddler Golf ShoesMomo Baby is a company that is known to manufacture a wide variety of infant and toddler shoes, and among their best products is this pair of baby infant and toddler golf shoes. Just like with the rest of the products from Momo, this footwear has been carefully designed and handcrafted in order to provide the best protection to your kids, keeping their feet safe from rough surfaces and dirty floors.

This is also the perfect footwear to wear for your baby when you bring them to one of your games. To give you an idea on how this footwear is like, here are the pros and cons that come with buying this pair of baby golf shoes.


  • Made of durable leather material.
  • Approved by APMA or the American Pediatric Medical Association.
  • Provides extreme comfort to your baby since the uppers are ventilated and are made from soft and premium grade leather material.
  • Elastic ankle ensures that the footwear stays secure on your baby’s feet.
  • Keeps your baby’s feet fully protected.


  • Sole is a bit thinner and it needs more cushioning.
  • Size may appear larger than the size of your baby’s feet.


This pair of Momo baby golf shoes is a great choice for parents who are looking for golf themed footwear for their infant and toddlers. The footwear has been found to be very beneficial to the health of your baby’s feet and this is another reason why you should invest on them. What’s even great is that the footwear does not cost that much, which is really practical since your baby will soon outgrow them.

ProActive Child’s Golf Slipper

ProActive Child's Golf SlipperProActive is another brand famous for their baby products, such as baby shoes. This pair of golf slipper is great for your infant. They are available in two colors, They are available in pink which is great for baby girls and of course, the black one is perfect for your little boy. Here are the pros and cons that come with buying this pair of baby golf shoes.


  • Features skid proof cleats which keep your little one safe and protected.
  • The slippers are sold at a very low price.
  • Made of polyester fabric which is soft and comforting on your baby’s feet.
  • Cute and adorable design – perfect for day to day outing.


  • Materials used are not of high quality and could easily get damaged.


Buying expensive shoes for your infant and toddlers is not economical especially in this day and age. As you know, your babies could easily outgrow their shoes and clothing. Buying the ProActive Child’s Golf Slipper is certainly very practical. The slippers can complement with any outfit and it will not cost you a lot of money.

Nike Golf Dunk Jr-100 Shoe

Nike Golf Dunk Jr-100 ShoeNike is one of the brands that will surely stand out when we talk of high quality footwear and sports accessories. So if you need a pair of reliable baby golf shoes, do check out the Nike Golf Dunk Jr. shoe.

Like most of the products that the company makes, this footwear features an ergonomic design which provides support to natural motion and flexibility. As such, your kids will certainly be able to do well on their sport when they wear the Nike Golf Dunk Jr. in one of their games. Here are the pros and cons that you can expect for this footwear.


  • Made of excellent quality synthetic leather.
  • Sole is made of premium quality rubber material.
  • They are integrated with a spike system which prevents slippage when grasses are wet.
  • The shoes are water resistant so they can be used even during the rainy season.
  • The design is ideal for both boys and girls.
  • Plenty of color combinations to choose from.


  • A bit expensive as compared to other brands and models of baby golf shoes.


While it’s true that most of the Nike brand of products are way too expensive compared to other brands, investing on them is definitely worth it. This pair of Nike Golf Dunk Jr. shoes is made from premium quality material so it can withstand the wear and tear and your kids can use the shoes even for several years. They can wear the shoes even when the grasses are wet since they are totally waterproof. Above all, the shoes come with a high tech spike system which prevents your kids from slipping on the grass.

Buying any of the baby golf shoes above would require that you do your research well. Although a lot of information has already been given above, it would be best to also read what other customers have to say about the product so you can decide if the shoes are really worth it or not. Above all, make sure to also train your kid. After all, golf is not just about wearing the best pair of golf shoes.

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