Let Ashworth Golf Shoes be your companion on the Golf Course

Dressing for a sport in way determines the way you generate your results. This is through enhancing your comfort as you play as well as boosting your ego thus performance as well. In the game of golf, the shoe becomes an important factor when aiming for a shot; flexibility is ideal and as such is provided. This is enhanced by Ashworth Golf Shoes in their incredible designs which are created for the purpose of comfort and stability of the golf player.

A product of Ashworth Company, the shoe is one of their latest entrants into the market which are ideally designed for golf player. However, due to its comfortable design the shoe is also used for casual wear and ideal when used for casual occasions. The shoe is already in its second generation with Cardiff being the first and whose entrant into the market was around the year 2010 – 2011. The second generation is the Cardiff mesh which is designed for better performance and comfort to the player.

The shoe comes with a spikeless rubber outer sole which offer ideal traction on the course. This makes it an ideal shoe bearing in mind that the grounds on a golf course varies between seasons and spots, the rubber sole traction will provide with adequate and strong grip which will allow for comfortable walks even on slippery grounds.

ashworth golf shoesTo ensure that the shoe fits well with your sporting gear the made from tumbled leather and accented with suede along the toes and laces. The shoe comes in varying colors hence requiring making choices depending on your likes and taste. This gives you an opportune chance which will allow you to match the shoe perfectly with your dressing. The sole for the shoe is divided into two layers. The upper layer is normally white and it’s uniform for all shoes. The lower layer of the shoe which made of the spikes comes in a color of your choice which depends on the color of the upper leather that is used to create the shoe.

Ashworth Golf Shoes are designed to provide above all comfort. This is made possible through an enhanced dual density foam foot bed which ensures the feet are comfortable inside the shoe. This is further enhanced by the shoes embedded super durable toe overlay which improves resistance against abrasion.

The Ashworth golf shoes are designed for golf players. However, due to their comfort and casual design the shoes are fit for use in most places. It is important to note that the tumbled leather used to manufacture the shoe collects dist and sand particles easily. In this regard, it is important to ensure the shoe is cleaned regularly and accordingly so as to ensure its fit for the required occasion and as well maintain the high status accorded the shoe. When choosing the colors for alternative occasions it may be important the colors which will fit to the occasion and maybe you consider having more than one pair. Ashworth Golf Shoes are among the best shoes for the golfers.

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