All About Ashworth Golf Shoes

Street casual golfing footwear is the current trend in men’s fashion these days and one of the most sought after brands for men is Ashworth golf shoes. Aside from providing utmost comfort, the golf footwear made by Ashworth are also guaranteed to last for a long time. Even golfers would agree that the shoe has excellent stability and great performance. So if you are thinking of buying a pair, either for yourself or to be given as a gift, it is best that you find out more about this brand of footwear.

The Ashworth Cardiff

Ashworth golfing shoes are designed to be worn by men in both the golf-course and in the office or for some casual outings. These are perfect for working professionals who do not have time to put on a pair of golfing footwear whenever they need to play right after their work. The shoe is made up of premium leather on the upper and they feature a rubber spike-less outsole.

The leather material that the shoe is made up of is waterproof and it comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty policy. This is standard for many of the Ashworth products. Click here for a full review of the Ashworth Cardiff.

Ashworth Footwear

The Outer Look Of The Ashworth

Ashworth golf footwear feature a tumbled leather material on the outside that is accented with a rich suede material on the toe and laces, giving it a stylish yet casual look.  The tumbled leather material of the golf footwear comes in six different color choices, and these are black, iron, chocolate, tan, as well as two different shades of white. The top portion of the sole which runs on the perimeter of the shoe is in white shade, while the color of the spike would vary depending on the style of the golfing shoe that you want.

Ashworth Footwear

Wearing Ashworth Golfing Shoes

ashworth golf shoesIf you happen to read some of the reviews written for Ashworth golf footwear online, you will find that a lot of customers are so satisfied with the comfort that this shoe brings. The footwear features a dual density foam foot bed that is designed to give long lasting comfort to the wearer. The foam foot bed of the shoe is a special kind of foam that they call the EVA foam which is designed to make the foot bed appear firmer on the middle while softer on the outside in order to keep your ankle from getting hurt.

As you know, golfers are expected to walk a lot, so it is very important that they wear a pair of footwear that will provide them with maximum comfort. Ashworth fulfills this for them.

Why Buy This Golfing Shoe Made By Ashworth?

If you need quality footwear that is both comfortable and durable, then Ashworth golf footwear is what you should buy. Whether you are a golfer or not, you will certainly love the kind of comfort that this pair of footwear brings. Not only that, the shoe is very stylish and is very versatile, too. You can wear it as a casual wear, when going to work, on formal occasions, and of course, when playing your favorite game of golf.

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