Adidas Men’s Tour360 Lite Golf Shoe: One of the Best from Adidas

When it comes to lightweight yet durable shoes, Adidas Men’s Tour360 Lite Golf Shoe is one of the best. This golfing shoe may look heavy because of its sturdy design, but it surely is lightweight. You never have to weary about fatigued feet when you use this during your play because it is lighter than most spiked golf shoes.

Regardless of the thickness of the outsole of this shoe, the weight is still very comfortable and you can forget that you are wearing them.

Why Go for the Adidas Tour360 Lite

As the name implies, the Adidas Tour360 is very lightweight. But aside from its weight, there are also other features that you will surely love about these shoes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Features and Advantages
  • Synthetic and Leather Materials

The synthetic and leather materials used in creating this pair are of high quality. This made the footwear waterproof, which ensures that even when you play in the mud or even when it is raining, your feet and socks will surely stay dry. You do not need to worry about leaks as this pair is sealed and waterproof.

  • Rubber Sole

The rubber sole of the shoe ensures that there will be no water leakage when you use it during rainy days. The outsole is also quite comfortable, making it very ideal for day-long game plays. And even though it is a bit thick, to ensure that your feet are protected from uneven surfaces, it is made from lightweight materials that ensure your feet’s comfort.

  • Flexibility

Aside from being lightweight, the Men’s Tour360 Lite by Adidas is also quite flexible. You do not have to worry about stiff feet when you wear this shoe because it is flexible enough to accommodate the movement of your feet, giving it the freedom to move around while preventing stiffness.

  • Next-Generation and Tour-Proven Technologies

Aside from the usual technologies that are used in most golfing footwear, the Tour360 Lite from Adidas also adapts next-generation and tour-proven technologies that make the shoes fit for any kind of surface. It can also adapt to any angle, which makes it ideal for courses that have various kinds of surfaces and terrains.

  • What Other People Say

Many people expected the best from this model and they were not disappointed. The flexibility and lightweight features of this shoe made it a favorite of many golfers. The spikes are also strategically placed, which make these much more comfortable than traditional spiked shoes.

Many consumers say that you need to buy a pair that is half a size bigger when ordering this shoe since they may come in a bit snug.


If you are after style and comfort as well as performance, better choose the Adidas Mens Tour360 Lite. It offers the comfort and performance of expensive golfing shoes without the additional cost. You will be pleased to know that the price of this pair only ranges from less than sixty to ninety bucks, which is considered low when compared to other shoes that offer the same features.


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