Adidas Men’s Tour360 ATV M1 Golf Shoe: For the Perfect Mix of Style and Performance

If you are after style and performance, then you need to check out Men’s Tour360 ATV M1 from Adidas. This golf shoe will definitely be one of your favorites because of its sleek yet sporty style and high quality performance in protecting your feet while playing endless rounds on the course.

Why Choose Tour360 ATV M1

Adidas is one of the best manufacturers of golf bags and golf shoes. And as for golfing shoes, they are also simply one of the best. Their footwear sport classy styles while still being practical, which makes these pairs “must-haves”.

Here are some of the features that you will surely love about this spiked golf shoe:

  • Microfiber Leather Upper

The upper of the Tour360 ATV M1 is made from microfiber leather, which makes it very lightweight yet durable. Because of this, you can be sure that you will be able to wear it for a long period of time without getting tired easily. Because of its durability, you also won’t have to replace your Adidas Tour360 ATV M1 Golfing Shoe for quite a while, which will save you a lot of money.

  • CloudFoam EVA Insole

The insole will surely make your feet comfortable while providing sufficient support so that you won’t feel wobble in these shoes. The insole is very comfortable and the softness is just enough; not too much yet it is not too hard on the foot.

  • Ground-Adapting Outsole

Aside from the support that the insole gives, the outsole also provides the comfort and support that you will need. It is ground-adapting, which makes it possible for you to walk with ease on any kind of surface without slipping.

  • Low-Profile Spikes

The spikes on this shoe are quite low, which makes it possible for you to maintain your balance while your shoes grip the ground for stability. This is great especially when you are swinging your golf clubs hard and you need traction so that you won’t slip.

  • What Other People Say

Most buyers commend the quality of this golfing shoe. From the design to the materials used in creating this pair, each buyer noticed that the Adidas Tour360 is comparable to more expensive models. Because of this, many people believe that this is quite a steal and you should not miss on the opportunity to own high quality shoes for such low prices.


If you want to have fashionable yet comfortable shoes, go for the Adidas Tour360 ATV M1 for Men. The price doesn’t require an arm and a leg and you can be sure that your feet will stay dry and protected while you are playing golf on your favorite greens, regardless of the weather.

With this shoe, you can also be sure that you won’t slip while walking or swinging your golf club because of the grip and the stability that this shoe provides. You can also be sure that your feet will stay comfortable even when you are walking rounds upon the links because of the comfy insole and outsole of this golfing shoe.

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