Adidas Men’s Tour 360 ATV Golf Shoe: Offering Grip, Comfort and Stability

The Adidas Men’s Tour 360 ATV Golf Shoe is described as a pair of golfing shoes that adapts to the surface that you’re golfing on. You’re probably thinking that you just have to worry about grass, but you have to know that different golfing courses offer different types and quality of grass. Of course, there are also sand traps that you have to worry about. This is why you have to buy golfing shoes that can help you play a good game no matter what surface you’re playing on.

The Latest in the Tour 360 Line

So what exactly does the Tour 360 ATV golf shoe offer? Of course, it offers everything offered by the Tour 360 line but with some minor improvements. This pair offers better grip and comfort which can really help you improve your game. Again, it doesn’t matter what surface you’re playing on. You can expect your feet to grip the ground which can help you be more consistent with your swings.

Amazing Looks

The first thing that you’ll notice is its amazing looks. Honestly, it looks like a pair of soccer shoes. But then again, that’s not a bad thing especially if you consider yourself a modern golfer. The three stripes that Adidas is known for are very much visible and provide a good contrast to the rest of the shoes which are rather plain looking. Put together, it looks amazing.

It helps that the upper is made of top-notch full-grain leather. The manmade sole provides a good contrast to the upper, especially since it comes in several eye-catching colors.

Amazing Grip and Comfort

You’ll be surprised to know that there are still golfing shoes that don’t offer maximum grip. Grip is very important when golfing because you’ll be walking a lot and you’ll be walking up and down slopes. In addition, you need maximum grip during your swing. The last thing that you need is to slip even just a few millimeters while in the middle of your swing. It’s good to know that the Tour 360 ATV golfing shoe offers maximum grip with its 10 cleat system.

Speaking of walking a lot, it’s also good to know that this pair offers maximum comfort. It starts with the sock liner that provides comfort and cushioning. The upper leather also provides a comfortable feel. The shoe is designed in a way that it provides maximum comfort for every inch of your feet.

Stability Matters

Stability also matters in the game, and this pair offers good flexibility. The design allows your feet to stay closer to the ground which helps your stability. The sock liner also offers additional stability.

What People are Saying

A lot of people love the grip, comfort and stability that the Tour 360 ATV golfing shoe offers. This is even after considering the price which is more expensive than other brands. They’re also saying that it’s a lightweight pair.

On the downside, some people are saying that the 10 cleat system picks up a lot of debris. You may want to buy a golf spike cleaner just in case.

The Verdict

If you have the money to spend for a good pair of golfing shoes, you can’t go wrong with the Tour 360 ATV golfing shoe.

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