Adidas Mens Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe

There would be no doubt that golfing is one of the hobbies that men love to spend their time with. Of course, you would want to play a nice game if you are playing golf. How you play can be dependent on several factors. The golfing equipment you have may just be one of the things included in these factors. Golfing equipment is made and offered in the market for a reason. One of the most important equipment you must have is a golf shoe. It is the equipment that provides traction, stability and leaves you comfortable while making a putt or doing some swings. If you are currently looking for a new replacement to your old golfing shoes that have seen better days, consider going for a pair of Adidas Mens Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe.

Who Could Buy /  Benefit from this Product?

Adidas is a brand for athletic merchandise that has acquired a good reputation for a long time now. It is among the most trusted brands of athletes from the field of golf, soccer, basketball and all other sports, and even fitness and outdoor-activity enthusiasts. Hence, all golfing players who trust this brand can buy Adidas Mens Tech Response 40 Golfing Shoe if they are looking for one right now. It will benefit all golf players who are still walking in the golf course. The golfing shoes can also benefit players who need a replacement, but are on a budget. It has every nice feature that would help your performance, and it can be purchased at a price that you can afford.

Product Description

This pair of Adidas golf shoes is the product designed to help you in shooting below par. It has features purposely made to enable such action. One of these features is Thintech. It shows a low-profile outsole featuring 6 spikes configuration meant to improve stability while worn. It is designed in such so that you are able to drive the golf ball far down the fairway. It is the pair of golfing shoes designed for both performance and comfort of the wearer. It is lightweight and is designed to be highly breathable, which makes it ideal during warm days.

Product Features

  • Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golfing Shoe is made of fabric and synthetic.
  • Its sole is man-made, which ensures the comfort factor that every golf player considers in their equipment.
  • It has a 6-spike design. This feature is meant to provide improved stability so that you can make a good shot.
  • This pair of golfing shoes is designed to be flexible, which adds to the comfort of the wearer. Taking care of this factor can help well with your performance.


It is mentioned that the item is designed for warmer days use. This is made possible due to its extremely breathable construction. It has a soft fit, and is easy on one’s feet. It has a design that enables flow of air, making it ideal for warmer environments. Wearing the golf shoes is just like you are wearing your sneakers. It’s very comfortable. Its THINTECH design is the feature that enables anti-clogging as well giving more stability. It also gives better balance and enables an improved footwork. With the feature, you will be comforted that can also help you be more consistent in striking the ball. The Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe has the adiTUFF feature as well, which is the one that has to do with improving the durability of the product. It helps in resisting abrasion in your toe area. The last good thing with this feature is that it keeps your shoes looking great.


Some of the customers who bought them have complaints about the item, and all of these were the same. They complained about the shoes’ not being waterproof leaving their socks wet during heavy-dew days. Yes, it is a big issue, which is where your extra golf shoes will come in.

Customer Review and Scores

There were 31 customers who reviewed Adidas Mens Tech Response 4 Golfing Shoe. Out of this number of customers, 21 gave 5 stars, and 3 gave 4 stars. All in all, this pair of golf shoes obtained a 4.3-star rate. Even with the presence of the mentioned issues, most of the customers still stated that the item is a good one considering its low price.


It is only natural for any product to come with cons. However, Adidas Mens Tech Response 4 Golf Shoe still remains to be a good choice. You would not have any issue about the item arriving on time. It is comfortable, comes with a nice style, and is very flexible. It is not just a nice option for those who are within a budget, but also for those looking for a pair of golf shoes that has the same features.

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