Adidas Men’s Puremotion Golf Shoe: Poetry in Motion

Style and comfort should go hand in hand when it comes to golf shoes. And with Adidas Men’s Puremotion Golf Shoe, these two features really go along very well. Because of the style of this shoe, you can wear it anywhere you want; not just in the golf course. Because it doesn’t have spikes, it is also ideal for casual wear, which means that you can just go wherever you need to go to after every game since you do not have to change to casual shoes after playing a round on the golf course.

Why Buy Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a golf shoe that will be comfortable and fashionable enough to be worn on the golf course and on malls and parks, you need to check this shoe out. Here are some of the advantages that you will get when you purchase Adidas Men’s Puremotion Golf Shoe:

  • Advantages and Features
  • Comfort

One of the most important things that should be considered when buying golf shoes is comfort. Because you will likely be walking around the golf course, you will need a comfortable shoe that will provide proper cushioning without being too squishy. Adidas Puremotion provides that kind of comfort without being too soft.

Because of this, you can wear it on and off the golf course without suffering blisters and other pains caused by stiff golf shoes.

  • Waterproof

Another great thing about this golf shoe is that its outer layer is covered with climate-proof mesh that makes it waterproof yet breathable. This is great because you will likely be playing during rainy and sunny days. You never have to change to other golf shoes when the weather suddenly changes because Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoe is breathable that is great for summer or sunny game plays and is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for cold rainy seasons.

  • Style

Another thing that people commend about this golf shoe is its style. From the upper to the soles of shoe, you will surely feel confident in wearing them as they often turn heads. The color of the shoe is quite attractive without being too colorful and the sole is very stylish, showing off spikeless soles with colorful nodes and patterns.

  • What Other People Say

Many users say that this shoe is a bit smaller than its intended size. But that is not a problem since Adidas has already informed buyers that the recommended size is half a size bigger than the actual shoe size of the buyer.

People commend how stable these shoes are. Even though these shoes have no spikes, they still provide the support that golfers need to be able to swing hard without losing grip of the ground, preventing slips.


Adidas Men’s Puremotion Golf Shoe is an ideal golf shoe and outdoor shoe for everyone who prefers style and comfort. The fit of this shoe is just right and the small nodes at the bottom prevents slips, which is great for playing golf during any kind of weather.

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