Adidas Men’s Powerband 4.0 Golf Shoe: Putting Power in your Game

If you are in for style and performance, better check out the Men’s Powerband 4.0 from Adidas. This golfing shoe has a very sleek look and features comfort and support, which is some of the most important features of golfing shoes.

Both amateur and professional golf players will surely love this pair of Adidas Golf Shoes because it is quite comfy to wear yet provides support to anyone who wears it. It is also quite appealing, which adds to the charm of the wearer.

Why Choose Adidas Powerband

Adidas is known for creating comfy yet stylish footwear, and they did prove it by making another great footwear for golfing – the Adidas Powerband 4.0.  Listed below are some of the features that this pair offers:

  • Leather Upper and Synthetic Overlays

Just like some good golfing shoes, the Adidas Powerband has a leather upper. This provides comfort and protection while playing on the course. What makes it more favorable than most golfing shoes is that it also has synthetic overlays that add durability to the footwear. Because synthetic materials are also quite durable, you can be sure that your shoe will not show wear and tear immediately.

  • Manmade Sole

Another great thing that you will definitely like with the Adidas Men’s Powerband 4.0 is that it has a manmade sole. This means that every detail of the shoe has been checked and rechecked by the makers of the sole. This will ensure that each pair of soles that is attached to the Powerband 4.0 is quite durable and comfortable to wear.

  • Spikes

The Adidas Powerband 4.0 for Men has eight spikes that are strategically located on the sole, which makes the traction better. You will never have to worry about slipping on the mud or wet turf whenever you play golf because your shoes will keep you steady and will prevent you from slipping whenever you take a swing to hit the golf ball.

  • Style

One of the best things that you will immediately notice about this footwear is its style. Whatever the color you may choose, you will surely love how they look. Each color represents a different personality yet all of them look quite cool and trendy.

  • What Other People Say

People who have already bought and tried wearing the Adidas Powerband 4.0 Golfing Shoe say that this is probably one of the most comfortable shoes that they have ever worn. Because the soles are manmade, they feel really comfortable and are very durable.


Adidas Powerband shoes are one of the best looking golf shoes that you can find in the market nowadays. They are also not very expensive so you can give them a shot if you are up for something that is not very expensive but is made to last.

This model also comes in various colors, which makes it ideal for people who love matching their golf attire with their shoe. It comes in black, white and black, blue, white and orange and white. All of them look cool so no need to worry about choosing which one to wear.

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