Adidas Men’s Adizero Tour Golf Shoe

If you are in need of a lightweight pair of golfing footwear, then the Adidas Men’s Adizero Tour Golf Shoe is probably what you are looking for. Why? It’s because this pair is so light that you will feel like you are wearing nothing at all. It is loaded with a lot of amazing technologies that give utmost comfort to the wearer. With this pair of footwear, you will be able to put more focus on your game.

Those who have seen the latest PGA Tour might have noticed that the Adidas Adizero Tour was worn by some of the players. But what makes this shoe so popular right now? And with a hefty price tag of almost $200, is this shoe really worth it?

Made for the Modern Golfer

Looking at the picture of the shoes online, it’s easy to conclude that this footwear is made for the modern golfer. It is not your usual pair of golf shoes. The moment you slip the Adizero on your feet, you will immediately feel the comfort that this footwear brings. You will even be amazed at how light it is and you will feel like you are not wearing any shoes at all.

This new Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe is especially built to give the golfer extreme comfort and thus, he will be able to deliver his best performance in the game. And with its 10-spike configuration, the wearer is guaranteed to enjoy an improved stability and traction on his game, during wet and dry seasons. The Adizero is available in four different colors and the lightest model weighing in at only 10.6 ounces, this pair of shoes is indeed, worth every penny you’ll spend.

Great Features

Aside from being very light and comfortable, the Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe is also loaded with great features, which is what every golfer would definitely want for their footwear. Here are some of the best features of the shoes:

  • SPRINTSKIN – it is that exclusive microfiber leather that the tour golf shoe is made up of, making it to become extremely lightweight, thin and strong.
  • SPRINTFRAME – this is an ultra responsive PeBAX outsole that is the lightest, thinnest and lowest outsole that Adidas has ever created for their line of golf shoes.
  • SPRINTWEB – it is that external and internal TPU layers on the forefoot which is made specifically for lateral movements as well as phenomenal stability in every swing.

Extreme Durability

Adidas is known to create some of the most hardwearing footwear in the sports industry, so it’s not surprising to know that the Adidas Adizero Tour  boasts of extreme durability. With all its high tech features and great technology, this pair of Adidas golf shoes is guaranteed to last for a long time even if you wear it on a regular basis, both during wet and dry seasons.

Perhaps by now, you know why the Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe is gaining so much popularity in the industry, especially among avid golfers. Despite its hefty price tag, investing on this pair of footwear is definitely worth it.

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