Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe: If You’re Looking Something Out of the Ordinary

Golf purists will surely scoff at the whole idea of the Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe from Adidas . After all, it’s not your usual golfing shoe. When you first see it, you’d think that it will look out of place on a golfing course and it should be worn with jeans in a mall. That’s understandable because this doesn’t look like a golfing shoe at all. However, you’ll regret it if you choose to overlook the Adicross II just because it doesn’t look like the usual golfing shoe. Read on to know why.

The Basics

This pair is made of 100% leather, so that’s a good start since a lot of the best golf shoes are made of leather. It also has a rubber sole that’s very common in sneakers. What makes this different from sneakers is the TRAXION technology that features lugs underneath the shoes. But unlike golfing shoes, as if there are not enough differences already, this pair has a spikeless outsole in addition to having a THiNTech outsole.

Comfort Unlike Any Other

Thanks to the CloudFoam sock liner, this is one of the most comfortable golfing shoes that you’ll ever wear. This feature also ensures cushion which is important if you’re playing 18 holes. In fact, you can play 36 holes and your feet wouldn’t feel that bad.

How about the Traction?

Since it doesn’t have spikes, you’re probably concerned that you’ll be slipping all over the course. This is not the case thanks to the 100 lugs that are strategically placed in place of the spikes. This technology ensures an amazing grip even if you’re playing on a dry or wet course.

From the Course to the Mall

This is a good buy because it’s not just for the golfing course. It’s basically two pairs of shoes in one. If you’re a golfer, of course you have a life outside the course. This is why your car’s trunk has at least two pairs of shoes – one for the course and one for outside the course. With the Adicross II, you can go from the golfing course to the mall or anywhere else with the same pair as this pair won’t look out of place outside the links.

You can enjoy the same comfort and cushion even while using it outside the course. You can wear this the whole day and experience comfort all throughout the day.

What People are Saying

A lot of people are pleasantly surprised at the performance of the Adicross II. They didn’t expect the level of traction, comfort and cushioning from something that looks like something you’d wear on a leisurely stroll. However, a couple of people said that you have to be careful when going up or down slopes on a rainy day. But then again, you always have to be careful when doing that whatever pair of shoes you’re wearing.

All in all, this is a good buy. If you’ve always worn the conventional pair of golf shoes, try this on for a change.

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