A Complete Guide On Golf Shoes

If you’re in the market for your first pair of golf shoes, you’ll soon find out that buying one can be a little overwhelming. You’re under the impression that all you need to do is to buy shoes with spikes and you’re good to go. Well, that could have been the case decades ago, but it’s definitely not the case now. This is because these shoes have made a lot of improvements through the years. In addition, manufacturers are working hard to outdo one another as they try to take advantage of the rising popularity of the sport.

Interest in the Sport is Rising

Nowadays, more and more people are taking up golf. While the number of hardcore golfers who play 25 times or more per year has decreased from 6.9 million back in the year 2000 to 4.6 million in the year 2005, more and more people are taking up the sport. Some of them do end up as hardcore golfers who play every chance they get.

Newbies Need Golf Equipment

Of course, you can’t play if you don’t have the right equipment. This overwhelms a lot of newbie golfers as they’re under the impression that taking up the sport is expensive. While this can be true, you can actually lower the cost by sticking to the basics first. Of course, golf shoes should be included in the list of basic equipment needed.

When you’re going to think about it, you just need a few necessities. Of course, having a complete set of clubs, a high quality golf bag, the right golf balls, and a golf cart is advised, although you can borrow a set or maybe rent one if you’re just looking to try the sport. You can then buy a set of second-hand golf clubs. Once you’ve decided that it’s a long-term sport for you, that’s the time that you can buy a complete set.

While you can do that with a golf set, it’s highly-advised that you buy your own pair. Don’t make the mistake of wearing just any type of shoes. You have to know that it will affect your gameplay if you’re not using the right pair of shoes. In addition, a lot of golf courses require the golfers to wear the right type of shoes.

It’s not a good idea to borrow one as well. You have to make sure that it’s the perfect fit. If not, your gameplay will be affected as well. It may even lead to injuries like sprains. You have to make sure that it’s not too big or too small. Best of all, the golfing shoes should be comfortable. After all, you’ll be walking long distances in them. Remember, golf is 95% walking according to experts. The last thing that you need is to have blistered feet 4 holes into the match.

What are Golf Shoes?

If you’re not yet familiar with this type of shoes, it’s the type that’s specifically designed for golfers to wear in the golf course. It’s characterized by the spikes attached along the soles. Now, these spikes can either be metal or plastic. The former was very popular during the old days as it provides the best type of traction. After all, these spikes are meant to provide traction for the safety of the golfers and of course, for better swings.

However, metal spikes on golf footwear come with a downside – they provide more damage to the greens. As golf course owners and managers spend a lot of time, effort and money managing the greens, they implement rules to minimize the damages. This is why a lot of golf courses all over the world have banned the use of metal spikes. Does this mean that you have to use golfing shoes that lack traction?

Well, that’s not really the case as manufacturers were able to come up with better plastic spikes. The designs of the plastic spikes, also known as soft spikes, nowadays provide more traction, completely eliminating the previous disadvantage of plastic spikes which is lack of traction.

Soft spikes present another benefit which is the fact that they’re easily replaceable. This means that you can invest on an expensive pair and it can last you a long time since you can easily replace the spikes when needed. If you feel that it’s losing traction, you can easily buy replacement spikes and replace them on your own. While metal spikes can be replaced as well, the process is harder and more complicated.

What to Look for in Golf Shoes

In addition to the spikes, there are other things that you have to check on before you buy. This is especially true if you’re buying your first pair. If you’re just buying a replacement for your old pair, at least you know the things that you like and dislike on these shoes so you can just consider them when buying your next pair.

If you’re buying your first pair, or you’re still totally clueless when it comes to these shoes, here are the things that you should check:

The Design

Golfers are among the most fashionable athletes in the world of sports. Since it’s an individual sport, golfers take this as a chance to showcase their fashion sense. This is why you can now connect a fashion style with a specific golfer. For example, the red and black ensemble will forever be associated with Tiger Woods.

It’s not a bad thing to consider the design when you’re looking for your golfing shoes. This is especially true since popular brands are putting out great designs. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are. You can find the perfect design for you.

Gone are the days when simplicity is the name of the game. Sure, they’re not as gaudy as other footwear, but the designs really have improved.

For starters, golf footwear manufacturers make it a point to really show that they’re the manufacturer of that specific brand. For example, most footwear manufactured by Nike have that big swoosh logo, while Adidas golf shoes have the three stripes.

You also have to consider the color when choosing a design. Gone are the days when you can only choose from black, white and maybe brown. You can now find blue and red among other colors used in manufacturing. A rising trend is multi-colored footwear. Some manufacturers even design the sole in such a way that it stands out. For example, you can now find a white pair with neon green soles.

It’s really a matter of personal preference as far as the design is concerned. This is why you really have to check out the available options.

The Size

You can make do with a pair of sneakers that’s half a size too big or too small. However, you have to make sure that you’re wearing the perfect fit when it comes to golf footwear. Remember, the traction that these shoes bring will really affect the golf swing. If you’re wearing a pair of golfing shoes that’s too big, your feet will be sliding inside even during the swing. This can affect your swing.

On the other hand, wearing a pair that’s too small can only be described as torture. You don’t have to try wearing one while playing an 18-hole round of golf to know how uncomfortable that is.

This is why you have to know your exact size. If you can, try the pair on first before buying it. But with the benefits of buying online, you don’t get this opportunity. However, knowing your exact size will help.


The shoes should be flexible because this will help its durability. The shoes will be twisting and turning while you’re walking and swinging. If they’re not flexible, it will lead to the destruction of the shoes. A flexible pair can also help you with mobility which is another important consideration.


In addition to ensuring the right fit for comfort, you should also check the features that make the golf footwear comfortable or not. For starters, having the right cushion will greatly help in making sure that the wearer is comfortable. The right mid-foot support can also help ensure comfort.


Do your feet a favor and make sure that they can breathe while you’re out playing golf. Besides, you’re the one who’ll feel discomfort if your feet can’t breathe especially while playing a whole round of golf.


In a perfect world, every round of golf in your whole life will be played under the comfortable warmth of the sun. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of times when you’ll be playing under the rain. At the very least, you’ll be walking in a course with wet grass especially if you plan on playing early morning.

Make sure that your footwear are waterproof. Actually, you don’t have to worry about this since most manufacturers make sure that their golfing shoes are waterproof.


Not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to these shoes. This is why price is another major consideration.

If you’re in the market for your first pair and budget is a little tight, you can buy a brand new pair at around $70 to $80. This is a good price considering that you can buy a good pair from a good brand within this price range. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Make sure you check out our cheap golf shoes guide and guide on discount golf shoes.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Nowadays, spikeless golf shoes are fast gaining in popularity. It’s the latest trend in the world of golf. This is a little surprising especially for purists as spikes are considered as a must-have for golfing shoes. After all, spikes provide traction.

Well, they still provide traction in the form of soft cleats and nubs. The shoes are cleverly designed to make sure that there’s still traction even with the absence of the metal or plastic spikes. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the nubs or cleats cover almost the complete area of the soles. This is different from spikes wherein they’re only placed in strategic areas of the soles.

The industry has Fred Couples to thank for this trend. It was back in 2010 during the Masters when he played wearing spikeless golfing shoes and was actually in contention, which proved that going spikeless shouldn’t affect your game. The trend caught on in the pros, with the following golf superstars sometimes going spikeless:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Vijay Singh
  • Justin Rose
  • Ernie Els
  • Graeme McDowell
  • Ryan Moore

For casual golfers, it’s easy to see why wearing spikeless golf footwear makes sense. You can wear them anywhere! You don’t have to change your footwear as you move from golf course to clubhouse, as this spikeless shoe wouldn’t damage the carpet. You can even wear them casually while you’re out doing your errands.

Have you tried wearing golf footwear with spikes on hard surfaces? You’ll turn heads, alright, but only because the thumping sound that the shoe makes is hard to miss.

In addition, you don’t need to replace the spikes because there are no spikes to replace. The soles will grow old with the shoe until such time that it’s time to replace your pair. While plastic spikes are easier to replace than metal spikes, a lot of golfers would like to skip this part as it’s an unnecessary hassle. Besides, you still have to buy the replacement spikes, which are an unnecessary expense.

Trusted Brands

If you’re at a loss as to which pair you should buy, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair from a trusted brand. One look online and you’ll see that there are a lot of products available for you, and just choosing from the trusted brands can help you shorten the list. In addition, it will help improve your chances of buying the perfect pair for you.

Here are the most trusted brands when it comes to these footwear:


A lot of golfers consider this as the number 1 brand of golf footwear, and for good reason. Fans of the brand will tell you that their models really are a joy to wear. The company traces its beginnings to the year 1857, so you know that they’ve been around. Through the centuries, they’ve made some of the highest quality footwear together with other golf accessories like gloves and apparel.

According to the company, more professionals on the PGA Tour choose golf footwear from FootJoy than any other brand. Here’s a list of professionals wearing FootJoy golf shoes:

  • Adam Scott
  • Luke Donald
  • Lee Westwood
  • Steve Stricker
  • Bubba Watson
  • Webb Simpson
  • Hunter Mahan
  • Jason Dufner
  • Bill Haas


Nike is making a noise in the industry thanks to its innovative and disruptive golfing shoes. As an example, the company has released the TW’14 which is a hybrid considering the fact that it has plastic spikes and nubs that are commonly found on spikeless golf shoes. In addition, they’re partly credited with their contribution to the increasing popularity of spikeless golf footwear with its designs that are based on studies that took the pressure points into consideration when they designed the soles of spikeless shoes.

The younger golfers tend to choose footwear from Nike since they’re more modern when it comes to design. It’s also safe to say that they’re more adventurous. For example, you can find neon yellow golf shoes with a touch of neon green.

You may need to spend more for a pair of these though. You can expect to pay around $200 for a top model from this brand.

The most recognizable golfer that wears Nike golf shoes is Tiger Woods. Here are other golfers associated with the Nike brand:

  • Rory McIlroy
  • Paul Casey
  • Michelle Wie
  • Suzann Pettersen
  • Amanda Blumenherst


Surely, you can’t go wrong with a brand that specializes in drivers and clubs which are arguably more complicated than golf shoes. The company has made the successful transition to manufacturing golf footwear in addition to their drivers and clubs. Callaway is one of the most trusted names in golf, not just in golf footwear, and this shows in the designs that they’ve put out in the market.


Adidas, like Nike, is not just in the business of manufacturing basketball footwear. Adidas also has an impressive line of golf shoes like the Tour 360, adiZero Sport and adiPURE Motion TOUR.

Adidas golf footwear are known for being very comfortable. They also feature modern designs that younger golfers love.


It’s understandable if non-golfers are not familiar with this brand. However, serious golfers are very familiar with Ecco Golf Shoes as it’s known to produce a top-performing golf shoe. Their brand is known to be very comfortable for the feet. They’re also designed with breath-ability in mind. Of course, they’re designed with function in mind as they focus on making sure that they provide the right amount of traction for maximum swinging power.


If you think that the Puma brand is just for soccer and running, think again. The company actually has very popular golf shoes. The Faas Lite is very popular among men and women. There’s also the AMP Sport line. It really helps that their golf shoes are very affordable. You can buy a pair from the latest line at around $100.

Where to Buy

Now that you’re armed with useful information about golf shoes, there’s one more thing that you have to know – where to buy them. Actually, you have several options. Here are places where you can buy them:


If you have the time to spare and if you like walking around the mall, this is a good option. You can check out several stores. You can refer to the list above since you can usually find those brands in their own store inside malls.

Since you’re buying under one roof, you can actually compare the different brands and the different models. However, this can be time-consuming. But if you have a specific brand in mind, then you can just go straight to that brand’s store and just choose from there.

Sporting Goods Store

There’s a good chance that there are several sporting goods stores around you. You can find them in malls and in standalone stores. These stores carry products for different sports. Usually, they have a section reserved for golf. However, the choices will be limited as space is limited as well since they have to carry brands and products for different sports.

Pro Shop

Most golf courses, especially the bigger ones, have a well-stocked pro shop. Of course, golf courses attract golfers so it’s a good idea to sell golfing related products. However, a lot of golfers feel that the stocks are limited. In addition, golfing shoes sold in pro shops tend to be more expensive.


This is actually the best place to buy golf shoes. First of all, you can buy just about every model from every brand on the internet. This will ensure that you can buy the one that you really like, and not settle for something that you don’t really like.

As an added benefit, you can easily compare different brands and models. You can just check out their websites. Better yet, you can check out online stores that carry different brands and models so you can easily compare.

You’ll also find that golfing shoes sold online are cheaper. Different websites can offer better deals because they don’t have to spend for overhead expenses incurred by physical stores. You can find a lot of great deals especially for older models. Sure, you need to spend for shipping, but even with the shipping cost, the total cost is still lower. Besides, some sites offer free shipping.

The only downside is you can’t physically check the golfing shoes that you’re looking at. You can overcome this challenge by really doing your research which is another benefit of buying the footwear online. Also, make sure to buy from a trusted site. Worst case scenario, you have to send the footwear back for a replacement, so make sure to check the return policy of the website.

Now that you know all about golf shoes, you can easily find the perfect pair for you.